My son loves this chair more than he loves spaghetti

A little girl using her Nest Booster Seat with the removable cushion from OXO as she eats her meal.
Credit: OXO

We all know the classic high chairs that little kids use. My son loved his until he was about one and a half. Starting about then, he wanted to either be at the table with us or be running around playing.

Finding a good solution for him to join us at the table was a battle until we found the Nest Booster Seat with Removable Cushion from OXO. This little booster has been an incredible addition to our dinner and lunch routine with my two-year-old. Now, my son has his own special chair that he loves climbing into. Even better, I have a chair that he loves that I can clean with ease.

I greatly appreciate the removable cushion. Knowing that regardless of what spills, I can clean it up with ease is incredible. As long as my son has been eating “adult food,” he has absolutely loved spaghetti. But, here’s where the problem is — he gets messy with it. With most food, he is pretty clean, but with spaghetti, he can’t help himself but to be a little crazy with it. So every time he is going to eat spaghetti, we have to get him down to his diaper, so he doesn’t stain his clothes.

We could see stains with certain areas on his tray with his high-chair that were most touched by spaghetti sauce. So, now that he is at the table in a booster, I wanted to make sure we could have something that would be easy to clean. That is exactly what I found in the Nest Booster Seat with Removable Cushion. He can spill on his booster seat, and I can clean it up without unhooking the entire chair. I can simply take the cushion off and wash it in the sink.

Another thing that I love about this booster is that I can safely secure it to my regular dining table chair. Plus, it has rubber guards so that I don’t scratch my chairs.

I’ve used OXO in the kitchen for quite some time. Their products are quality and simple. Nothing too crazy but exactly what is needed simply and helpfully. 

This booster is no different in that it is a wonderful addition to my kitchen/dining table. If you are ever looking for a quality booster for your chair, begin (and end) your search with the OXO Booster Seat with Removable Cushion.