The subscription box gamble could be worth every penny

The project in the Kids Art Box that was about making heart ornaments.
Credit: Rachel Lengauer

I recently got connected with a subscription box service, Kids Art Box, and decided to have my kids and I give it a go. I wasn’t sure what to expect. My kids and I do a lot of art projects, and although I’m not the most creative, we do have fun and come up with interesting things to try. It was hard for me to imagine that a subscription would offer enough to be worth paying every month. I was a little surprised by how wrong I was. 

The Kids Art Box came in a simple, brown box with five crafts inside. The box that we received was meant for January in preparation for Valentine’s Day and was all about hearts. We had a science project that allowed us to listen to our own heartbeat using balloons, a tube, and duct tape. We had a sensory project with pink rice, and fun craft projects with glue, sparkles, and paint. Each project was separated into its own packaging (a paper bag) and explained in simple and understandable details on individual cards. 

My kids loved opening the box, seeing all the treasures inside, and making the different projects together. I loved not having to do the preparation. I was really impressed that although I have a 3-year-old and almost 7-year-old, every project was appropriate to their ages and interesting to both of them. But my absolute favorite thing about the box– and the reason I would likely pay for its subscription– is how much thought and preparation were put into each craft. 

The project from the Kids Art Box that included the canvas with paint, pom-poms, stickers, hearts, and jewels.
Credit: Rachel Lengauer

One of the projects was a canvas of paint, pom-poms, stickers, hearts, and jewels. For this one project, we received a card stock with detailed explanations, including pictures. We also received three whole bottles of paint, an entire tube of glue, one strong piece of canvas, and about 20 each of pom-poms and various other decorations. The generosity, detail, and thought put into each project were fascinating. 

Although the boxes are technically only designed for 1 child, there was enough material and steps that my three children enjoyed doing each project together. Although I would recommend purchasing one box per child, my children were able to practice sharing, taking turns, and ended up with a completed project they all made together. 

The projects in the Kids Art Box that included paper cut-out hearts.
Credit: Rachel Lengauer

As I was making the crafts with my kids, I had to think of the time I would have had to invest in finding the ideas on the internet, purchasing the items needed, and preparing everything. Kids Art Box did that all for me! We were literally able to open the box after it arrived in the mail and start the first activity. I consider that a huge win as a mom!

I also consider the amount of material for the price fitting. Without a subscription, one box costs $45 and a monthly subscription lowers that price to $35. A yearly subscription costs $360 for the whole year, which costs $30 per monthly box. A two-box subscription paid annually costs $29.13 per box.

Considering how much all the materials would cost at a store, plus the time I would need to invest to buy and prepare everything, I really consider the price very appropriate and even generous. Shipping is even included within the US!

My kids and I had a blast doing the Mommy and Me art box. This box comes with 3 art projects, 1 science project, and 1 visual recipe. It is specific to ages 3-6. The Artist Box is for ages 6-12 and the Daddy and Me box is for ages 4-7.

I loved the projects, the time and attention to detail put into each craft, the simplicity of the packaging, and the afternoons my kids and I enjoyed together working through the activities. Kids Art Box convinced me that subscription boxes are an awesome investment, particularly the memories it gave me with my kids this month.