Never again will I play mobile games with screen controls

Mobile gaming is better than ever with the RiotPWR ESL gaming controller for iOS. I can not tell you how many hours of gaming I have put into console and PC. I have always been hesitant to play mobile games. Using the touch screen to play a game just felt wrong for me. I need to have a sense of feedback whenever I play video games. Playing games like, Call of Duty Mobile or the super popular RPG Genshin Impact, felt clunky and annoying more than fun. I realized it never felt right because I needed a controller. I needed RiotPWR’s ESL Gaming controller.

iPhones now have so much computing power you would be surprised at what mobile gaming can offer. RiotPWRs ESL Gaming Controller takes full advantage of that raw power. Right away I noticed the build quality is exactly what I am looking for in a controller. It feels light yet sturdy. The shape and form feel close to an Xbox One/Series X controller other than a PlayStation 4 or 5 Dualshock. The buttons all have a nice clicky feel. The L3 and R3 buttons are sturdy as well. The joysticks feel responsive with a good level of control. Unfortunately, the triggers feel a bit mushy, but not enough to make me think this controller is not worth it.

This controller has a lot of quirks that add to its value. It comes with a 3.5mm headphone socket, a removable phone mount that allows multiple viewing angles, a replaceable cable connector, and a quick access share button to screengrab or take a quick photo of your most memorable moments to share with your friends and followers. And for the gamers out there who like to play competitive games, there is no lag when playing with this controller. Yes, that is correct, it is latency-free. The good thing is you won’t miss that shot now. The bad news is you can’t blame it on the controller.

RiotPwr thought of everything with this controller. My most appreciated feature is the pass-through charging capabilities. You can plug a lightning cable into the bottom of the controller to charge your iPhone. Another thing they thought of is the placement of the mount. RiotPWR calls it “ZeroG.” The location of the mount creates a balanced ergonomic feel. I can attest to this while playing an hour later. The weight still felt good. The mobile market for games can get overwhelming. Not sure what to play. RiotPWR provides a QR code for you to download their affiliate app LUDA Mapp which has 1000+ controller compatible games.

The price point is $59.99. I believe the price point is in line with the current market for console controllers. This is a controller that is well worth that price point. Mobile gaming has become so much more fun with the RiotPWR ESL gaming controller. I can’t see myself playing mobile games with the screen controls ever again.