Yoto Mini – The perfect Easter basket addition

When I was over at a friend’s house having a playdate while the kids were playing we adults were talking about what our kids are into right now. Both of our children are two years old and I was telling her how my son is just so into music right now. She agreed but told me she wishes she had one of those old CD players so her son can control and change songs on his own. Obviously Google Home can’t do it, so mom is controlling what they are listening to with her phone.

This conversion happened before I knew about Yoto Mini, this portable radio is exactly what she is looking for!

My toddler loves his Yoto Mini and the interchangeable cards, he is able to control the volume and what is playing easily. The cards are so cool, think about them as being the CDs but easier for your kids to handle and with the images on them you know exactly what you’re going to be listening to. Removing the cards and putting in a new one brings me back to my childhood when I had a boombox changing out what I wanted to listen to. But Yoto Mini is much more than music, they have so many options of cards to purchase such as audiobooks, stories, activities, podcasts, and making your own customized card.

Parents really still have a NBll the control with a user-friendly Yoto app. You can see all the cards and control what they are listening to as well from there. Instead of going to the website, you can do everything to manage your account through the app such as browsing and purchasing their wide range of different cards. You can view cards based on your child’s age range going up to preteen. The sound on this tiny but mighty device is incredible! It can get impressively loud with the sound quality still sounding crisp. We will definitely be bringing Yoto Mini outside with us while we play in the backyard. There is a pixel display that brings the audio to life, my son pays attention to the changing images with different audio tracks.

Yoto Mini is not waterproof, so we have to be careful with that. We like listening to the “Sleepytime” card, specifically track 2 ‘ Bubble Bath’ song. There was quite the argument in the beginning that my son couldn’t bring Yoto Mini in the bath with him to listen to the ‘Bubble Bath’ song but he understands now it has to stay with mommy during the bath to keep it dry! This song is requested over and over during bath time, a loop option would be a nice addition to Yoto.

With Easter around the corner, this would be a great addition to your kids’ baskets because of the use they will get out of it in the years to come. My kids’ baskets are usually filled with my shopping list for them, toothbrush, swimsuit, chalk, some other new summer needs, and some smaller cheap toys.  This year it will also have some new cards for his Yoto mini!

The design of Yoto Mini is timeless and you can feel how great the quality is. I know this is going to grow with my child, I believe as he gets older he will just be wanting to use it more. It’s going to be the perfect addition to our road trip coming up to keep him entertained in the car. I’ll purchase new cards for him to explore for that trip! I love watching his face light up and change when he is listening to a story or on the radio. Yoto Mini is exercising my toddler’s ability to be an active listener and expand his imagination.