Never miss a thing with the Nooie Cam Pro 

More and more, parents want a sense of comfort by knowing what’s going on when they can’t be around.  Maybe you want to keep tabs on your kids by video, maybe you don’t.  With the Nooie Cam Pro, you can do just that.  You can use it as a baby room monitor, a nanny cam or something completely different such as monitoring a meeting room you just can’t make it to.  There are many more applications, but you get the idea.

Let’s start with the physical quality of this camera.  It’s a good sturdy build, the base station even looks pretty stylish, the cameras (two included) are just fine… all as it should be.  The screw-on wall mounts have a magnetic quick connect system which is slick for placement. Once the mount is where you want it, the camera slips in to the mount very easily.

Setup is pretty standard.  Download the app, then connect the cameras and base. When I set up mine, the first camera of the set connected very quickly with no problem.  The second one gave me a little guff but I figured it out without too much struggle.

It might be obvious, but these cameras are for remote viewing on your device, giving you the ability to use it for many situations through the free app.  The picture quality is above average at 2k resolution.  Night vision works very well so you can get a clear picture day or night. The field of view is impressively wide so you can cover some good ground there.  It does have two-way audio if you want to communicate. When using this, it seemed to slow down my Wi-Fi connection which made it hard to use.  It was a bit difficult to decipher the audio through the app as well.  The app is very easy to use, everything makes sense with that design.

These cameras are pretty smart, they will detect people and you can define the detection area.   As usual, the camera will store your video on the cloud.  Call me old school but for me, I don’t want my video on the cloud, I also don’t need another subscription to pay for even if it’s only a couple bucks per month.  I would love it if it had an sd card slot, that’s what I usually look for so if you are using it for security, you will have to make that decision.  In the case of a baby monitor or monitoring a meeting, that wouldn’t matter.

Overall, if you are looking for a camera setup for live monitoring, this is a great one.  If you need to pull video for security reasons or something similar, you will need a cloud subscription.  The quality and user experience are both great.  Click here to pick one up!

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