Everything tastes better with this Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer Combo

By now we have all heard the burning question, or rather challenge from a neighbor or friend, “Do you have an air-fryer?” It is inescapable. Apparently, everyone but you has one. That is unless you caved and tried one yourself. I caved. However, I step up my game and one-up everybody. I don’t need another one-trick pony sitting on my counter. If I’m going to add something to the coveted space, it better change the world – or at least mine. 

Iris USA offers a product that may change your world. I think Iris had me in mind when they created the wondrous combo Air Fryer Convection Toaster Oven. It does it all, and it does it very well. 

The oven combo is a bit on the bulky side and measures 16.89” long x 16.14” wide x 13.54” high. It may not be much bigger than a regular toaster oven, but I wouldn’t say its design does it any favors. To be fair – I’ve yet to see a toaster oven that I think looks great stylistically.  It looks like a miniature oven. I set mine up on my basement counter – that “coveted” space on my counter is actually my wife’s coveted space. 

Iris mentions the 18L (19 QT) capacity air fryer oven is “perfect for cooking large family-size meals.” They also mention it will fit up a 12-inch pizza (which I can attest to) and up to 3lbs of chicken wings. This is important to note as many air-frying devices have minimal capacity. I tested another air fryer but gave up making wings as it took too long to cook and serve my family. 

In my first attempt at air frying, I go with the classic and delectable choice of chicken nuggets. Yeah, we get real fancy at my house. They only take about 8 minutes to cook (about half of what they take in my full-size oven). I fit about 30 good-sized nuggets in the basket and they have plenty of space (no stacking). The nuggets come out piping hot, but I can use the included tongs to grab hold of the pan and basket. It is a good thing they are included because it could be easy to burn yourself on the edges of the oven. 

My kids immediately comment on the difference in crispiness over the oven. This is most satisfying as they love to tease me about items I review, and how I am the only one who can notice improvements. This is also a major win because I have an Insta-Pot Air Fryer lid that I’m less than impressed with. The Iris Air Frying mode destroys the Insta-Pot option – not even a contest. I also test out left-over fries. I’ve never kept them in my life, but now I do. Famous Dave’s fries and leftover wings crisp up as if I’d just ordered them. I’m fascinated. 

One thing I find a bit confusing is the multiple settings for cooking. I wish Iris would have found a better way of helping users determine what setting they are cooking with. Once I read the directions it becomes clear though.  The oven stops on its own once the timer runs out. This feature may not be ideal for some, but I find it quite handy. When I use a toaster oven or microwave, I am typically multi-tasking. It’s just too easy to overbake food when I’m not fully paying attention. The convection oven cooks chicken and other items thoroughly and adequately. Having a second oven option has truly made it easier to host beyond my five-person family. 

In addition to cooking and air-frying things incredibly well, I notice the speed at which the machine is able to reach peak temperature. It heats up ridiculously fast and has replaced my microwave for reheating most items. I find the mic turns things to mush whereas the oven keeps them tasting much fresher. It is nice to be able to get things heated up quickly without the need to preheat the regular oven. 


The Iris USA Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer Combo is a great tool to have in any kitchen or breakroom. Air frying is a breeze and offers near true to original recipe flavors in reheating. Its larger capacity also enables a better experience for feeding more people. Whether baking, cooking, or air-frying, if you are considering an additional option for your kitchen or an easy solution for cooking without a full-size oven – Iris has a great product for you. Seriously though, do you have an air-fryer?

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