New Ninja FrostVault Cooler impresses with fridge-temp dry storage

Recently, Ninja released the new FrostVault Cooler just in time for summer. With all of the upcoming picnics, parties, and beach days – a premium cooler should be at the top of your list! The New Ninja FrostVault Cooler is designed to streamline your outdoor adventures.

It boasts heavy-duty construction, and the FrostVault Dry Zone to keep food cool, dry and separate from the ice. This unique cooler sets the tone for hassle free summer fun. The new Ninja FrostVault Cooler impresses with premium cooling and fridge-temp dry storage.

First Impression:

From the moment the New Ninja FrostVault Cooler arrives on my doorstep, I know this is some next level stuff. Aptly named the FrostVault, this cooler is premium, heavy-duty cooling and storage. At 50-quart capacity (also available in 30-quart), this cooler is capable of handling just about any summer demand. Not to mention meeting the needs of my family of seven’s outdoor adventures!

Not only does it pass the eye test, the Ninja FrostVault is loaded with features and durably built. The most notable feature is the Dry Zone, a fridge-temp dry storage drawer. This combined with a quality lid, locking latch, and sturdy molded handles puts the new Ninja FrostVault Cooler into a category of its own!


After initially exploring the Ninja FrostVault, I am impressed. So, I’m excited to see how it performs. After unlatching and raising the lid (which is conveniently designed to also use with locks), I see just how much capacity this cooler truly has available. I can load up to 80 cans (or 50 bottles), however I opt for less since we are just heading out for a family excursion.

The lid stays open on its own, allowing me to comfortably load everything in and add the ice. Additionally, the Dry Zone drawer located on the bottom portion of the cooler slides easily for loading and unloading. I like the peace of mind the Dry Zone gives me knowing that we aren’t going to end up with soggy sandwiches or mashed fruit and pulverized chips. I loved how it keeps our dry goods refrigerator temps, while also keeping our beverages and cooler items icy cold (even in the blazing sun).

The FrostVault has the ability to hold ice for up to six days, while also keeping the Dry Zone at food-safe temperatures (under 40° F) for days. Which is fairly remarkable! The only drawback for me is that the FrostVault is on the heavier side (about 29 pounds). Once it is loaded with food, beverages, and the recommended 25 pounds of ice – it definitely takes two adults to transport it.


The new Ninja FrostVault (50-quart) is a bigtime cooler, measuring in at 32.2 in L x 17.07 in W x 18.78 in H. It also comes with big time features. First up is the FrostVault Technology. This technology allows cold to transfer into the Dry Zone. Thus, turning the Dry Zone into a refrigerator like storage box which keeps food safe at temperatures under 40 degrees. Additionally, it keeps the food cool, dry and separate from the cooler ice storage. All of this cooling is powered by the Ninja FrostVault’s heavy-duty, highly durable construction with up to 3 inches of insulation. This translates into superior ice retention. Meaning the FrostVault holds ice for up to 6 days, for even more adventuring.

Next up, is all of the Ninja FrostVault’s smart and easy to use features. The Dry Zone makes for easier access and smarter packing keeping drinks and food completely separate. While the molded handles are convenient for securing the cooler in a boat or vehicle and make transporting the FrostVault easy. Additionally, the easy latch means I can open the cooler with just one hand. Finally, the latch and lockable lid design allows me to secure the Ninja FrostVault effortlessly.


The new Ninja FrostVault Cooler impresses with its durable construction, performance, and features. Befitting of its name, this cooler is vault-like in its capacity and size. Some may balk at its weight and dimensions, but it is perfectly suited for those looking for maximum cooling, dry storage space, and capacity for extended adventures or hosting large gatherings. Overall, the new Ninja FrostVault is the ideal cooler for premium ice retention and fridge-temp dry storage!

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