Mabē’s baby carrier is what every new mom wants for Mother’s Day

Little did I know prior to becoming a parent, my son would spend the first four months of his life taking his naps in a baby carrier fastened to my chest. Yep, every single nap. Baby carriers quickly became not only my most used product, but one of necessity. I don’t think I would’ve survived those early months without one, and I can’t imagine I’m the first parent to feel that way. However, I came to find that not all baby carriers are created equal. There’s comfort, adjustability, and ease of use to consider. To my luck, Mabē created a carrier that is designed with all these factors in mind, and more. Read on to learn why Mabē’s Monarch carrier would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift this year.

First Impressions

Upon opening, I am impressed by the luxurious look of the Monarch baby carrier, and the irresistible softness of the fabric. In my experience, structured baby carriers are often so firm that they don’t feel soft to the touch. The majority of caretakers will be wearing their infant in a carrier for extended amounts of time, therefore likely preferring a fabric that is cozy and snug. The Monarch’s soft fabric is truly unmatched. It also comes with an adjustable, padded neck and shoulder support allowing the wearer to adjust to their desired position, achieving the ideal fit. Mabē’s carriers are 90% cotton and 10% linen, proving that a structured carrier can be sturdy without forfeiting quality fabric. The simple yet elegant design has a luxurious feel without the heavy price point. Unlike its competitors, Mabē’s carriers are all under $200.

How it Fits

The first time I try on the Monarch, I am in the parking lot of Trader Joe’s with my seven month old son. He is wiggly and ready to burst from his carseat. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that this is going to need to be fast. Fortunately, the Monarch might be the easiest structured carrier to put on.  In under a minute, I’m able to successfully secure him into the deep seat of the carrier and fasten the buckles to fit me comfortably. We’re ready to go! Not only am I impressed by how easy the carrier is to put on, I’m relieved.

Caretakers everywhere know how little time you have to linger. A baby product that is comfortable yet easy to use, is superior to anything else. When I’m wearing this carrier, I don’t feel the urge to remove it. It’s lightweight enough that I am comfortable, and my son is secure. What more could you want? The Monarch has a hidden and adjustable weight belt allowing you to expand the life of the carrier ranging from 7-35 pounds for your infant with both inward and outward carrying. The only con I’ve found while wearing the Monarch is it can be initially tricky to put your infant in the back carry position without assistance. My husband has figured out how to master this skill so I’m confident that with practice I’ll be able to do it too. Whether you choose front or back carrying, Mabē has designed the Monarch to fit securely supporting infants hips with the ideal “M” position and ample neck support.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re experiencing a baby who only wants to nap on you, or want to keep your little one close on-the-go, Mabē’s Monarch is the superior versatile carrier on the market. It’s made out of the softest cotton, fits perfectly snug, and requires little to no time to take on and off. It has everything I’ve been waiting for in an infant carrier. Look no further, Mabē’s Monarch is the one.