New UA SlipSpeed Training Shoe review: Eye catching performance

The new UA SlipSpeed training shoes are sweet! Their patent-pending design is simply eye catching. Plus, they come with some incredible features. You don’t have to be a sneakerhead to appreciate their style, performance, and versatility. Especially, their convertible heel which just might be one of the most needed shoe features of all.


Let’s face it. We’ve all done it. We tell ourselves we won’t… but we end up doing it anyway. We are in a rush, or simply need to quickly get something out of the car or off the front porch. Then we do what we vowed we’d never do to our new shoes. We step in without fully putting them on or lacing them up. We do our best, but unavoidably we end up crushing the heel. However, with the UA SlipSpeed I get all the performance I need, plus the bonus convertibility and flexibility I desire!

From the moment I put on the UA SlipSpeed I’m hooked. Let’s be honest, I was hooked the moment I opened the box lid and saw them for the first time. They look great, and fit even better. Although, the exclusive finish does chip off with heavy use, which is kind of a bummer. To UA’s credit, they do warn you that this can happen.

When it comes to fit, I appreciate that I’m in full control of my comfort with the BOA fit system. I find that they breathe well and keep my feet cool and comfortable. Even when I wear them all day. From a performance perspective they hold up to every one of my activities. Plus, the folding heel is clutch so I can just slip them on for recovery or when I need quick convenience. Not to mention that they come with a plethora of features and tech.


The SlipSpeed weighs just 10.8 ounces and comes with UA’s flow cushioning for superb ground contact and traction (no squeaks). I find that they are incredibly comfortable. The upper shoe is made from reinforced supportive material with engineered venting for extra breathability. They also have an Iso-Chill padded interior for cool-to-the-touch heel to toe foam padding. I can’t say that I am qualified or adept enough to verify this “chilled” technology. However, my feet are comfortable and the shoes seem to breathe well enough that my feet aren’t getting stinky sweaty. Additionally, the 12-point lockdown BOA system keeps my feet feeling secure.

The BOA fit system allows me to easily adjust the fit with a simple click. Personally, I love that I can readjust my shoes without having to untie and retie them. In the middle of working out I feel I need a little more support, so I simply twist a couple clicks and I’m ready to get right back into the next drill. UA also made it easy by making the SlipSpeed machine washable so I can keep them fresh and clean (laundry bag not included).


As much as the SlipSpeed is teched out, it is the convertible heel that turns heads! The flip convertible heel allows me to go from train mode to recovery mode. I have a narrow heel and wondered how this feature would impact my comfort and fit. However, when the heel is in use it grips well keeping my foot secure. The heel also easily flips down so I can slide it on like a slipper – whether I need to quickly grab something from the car or I’m looking to recover after a workout.

It takes me a couple of wears to get comfortable with the heel turned down. However, once I get use to it I absolutely love it. Not only is it just plain fire, but practical. I find myself wanting to wear these shoes more than any of my others. Between the BOA fit system and the convertible heel, these are likely the coolest and most comfortably usable shoes I have worn.


The UA SlipSpeed are the most versatile training shoes I have ever worn. They feel great, feel cool, and have great cushioning. They handle my toughest workouts and training, and I appreciate how adjustable they are so I can find the perfect fit. Plus, I just love the convertible heel so I can easily adjust between recovery mode to train mode.

These are sure to turns heads. They grip like nothing else, are adjustable to get the perfect fit, and have a convertible flip down heel. With astounding features, patent-pending design, and comfortable fit they are sure to impress. The UA SlipSpeed is versatile performance you can feel and see!

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