No literally, its an iPad for your Grandma

Technology is everywhere. In today’s world there are many options to connect with those around us. Some technology isn’t as “friendly” for some as others. I have often found that older generation folks, like my grandparents, have struggled keeping up with technology. Since most of us use technology every day, my grandparents needed an easy way to stay connected with us when we aren’t visiting. The GrandPad is a user-friendly tablet that helps grandparents stay in touch with loved ones.

Simple and to the point is how the interface of the GrandPad works. If you think of day to day things that grandparents might use, the GrandPad has the app for it. Starting off, there is a calendar for any family events, medical visits, or anything else you would need to add in there. I know for my grandparents, a huge thing for them to do is play games. The GrandPad has an app for games built into it. There is sudoku, solitaire, Texas Hold’em, Crossword, and many more. This is such a fantastic way for them to have countless games at their fingertips. You can easily change the difficulty in these games and choose different puzzles if you get stuck. Another added feature for the GrandPad with apps is that you can turn sound on so you know when you click a button.

Another great day to day app is the weather app. Once you create your profile, you can set your location for the weather app. From there, each day you can click on the app and it will show the weather. There are countless apps with such great uses. There is a camera to take photos, there is a pet of the day with fun stories of people’s pets, video call options to see family member’s faces, a phone to call your family with, and an email for any photos you would love to send. The most important app for my grandparents hands down, is the photo albums. Let’s say you take a photo of family members that you want your grandparents to see immediately and save. You simply email the photo to their GrandPad email and it will automatically go into their photo album app. They don’t have to even go to the email and try to save the photos, it will just automatically appear for them, making this the simplest option I have heard of to share photos with my grandparents. The apps are useful and simple.

Let’s talk about the worth. Is the Grandpad worth it? Should you get an iPad instead? The GrandPad right now will run you $399 with a 3-month free trial of the premium subscription that includes 4G/LTE data and 24/7/365 customer care. After the trial, the subscription ranges from $49 – $59/month. This is currently cheaper than an iPad. Can you do more on an iPad? Yes, but you have to consider who the tablet will be for. In my experience an iPad has been far more confusing for my grandparents to navigate. They are always having update problems and trying to find certain apps. $399 for an easy to use tablet to get them the things they need is a win in my book. Is it a win for you?