Everyone is saying the same thing about the Apple iPhone 14 having a USB-C port

Rumors are swirling, but of course, they might not be true. 

No, I’m not talking about Trump announcing another presidential run or a major NFL quarterback change. It’s much more important than those things. 

Those of us who follow tech have heard rumors about the Apple iPhone 14 having a USB-C port (like the iPad Pro does today), which would be a true game-changer.

Sadly, I doubt the rumors are true.

In fact, the experts mostly say the forthcoming Apple iPhone 14 won’t have a USB-C port. We’d probably know that from the supply chain by now or from the companies that make accessories. In fact, as a journalist these last 20 years, the cases, docking stations, and other gadgets that go along with a new iPhone usually are a dead giveaway.

One recent report suggested that all rumors about the iPhone 14 having a USB-C port have all been entirely dismissed.

And yet, what if it’s true?

I’d love the Apple 14 to have a USB-C port because it would solve many problems.

For starters, every charger I own and every cable would work with the new iPhone. Cars are now finally sporting a USB-C port, which is popping up everywhere these days. It makes perfect sense. The USB-C cable can insert either way into the port, so there’s no difficulty in connecting up and charging or syncing.

Strangely, I have noticed that wireless charging has stalled a bit. I use these gadgets all day and see them in cars as well, but we all know they charge at a slower rate.

A USB-C port will charge faster on the iPhone, and we’ll finally (finally!) say goodbye to the old Lightning port we all love to hate. It was nice while it lasted (not really). The proprietary connection was always a hassle because it meant carrying two different types of cables at all times (three if you also had the older USB (called a Micro-USB).

I don’t think any of us will be sad.

The iPhone 14 will likely debut this fall, following Apple’s typical pattern with new models. Curiously, I am starting to see reports about the iPhone 15 actually having a USB-C port, although it is way too early for any of that type of conjecture.

All I know? What we want to be true rarely becomes true by sheer willpower.

Eventually, I suspect Apple will start using USB-C in its products.

My guess is that it won’t be this time around.