Keeping your travel items dry just got a whole lot easier with COR surf’s bags

A man sitting on a large boulder carrying the Island Hopper bag from COR surf.
Credit: COR surf

As a Minnesota resident, whether I am hiking with friends or kayaking in one of our 10,000 lakes, I have always had two struggles: how to carry my necessities, and how to keep them dry. When I look for a bag to take on a trip, on a hike, or to the beach I am left at a loss. I just don’t have any good options in my small stash of bags.

I had nearly lost all hope in finding a good, durable bag that could properly carry my items until I found COR surf’s waterproof bags. I have found the COR surf bags to be sturdy, easy to use, and they are a great guard against anything that travel can throw my way.

The Island Hopper

As with most COR surf products, the Island Hopper is waterproof. It has a weather-resistant TPU exterior that keeps items within it safe and dry. This bag is ideal for camping or outdoor travel.

The COR surf Island Hopper is perfectly compact for easy travel. This is the kind of bag that has the ability to carry essentials without taking up too much space. It is a backpack, which makes it super simple for light travel, hiking, camping, or even business trips. I found it very easy and comfortable to carry. It is the perfect size for convenience and ease of use.

The bag itself has several compartments. The front of the bag has a large pocket that is great for carrying snacks and other items that need to be quickly accessed. A second compartment is where I store my clothing and other necessities similar to that. The third compartment is the perfect spot to store your computer, tablet, or other technology. It is quite large and has extra cushioning for protection. Lastly, there are two hidden back pockets where you could store anything valuable such as your passport, phone, and wallet. These two pockets are quite spacious (unlike what many would think of with a hidden pocket. Of course, to complete the backpack, there is a side pocket for a water bottle.

One of the things that surprised me about this bag was that I really appreciated the interior color. It is a vibrant green color, which may seem strange for a backpack, but it allows for visibility of anything you pack. Usually, backpacks have a black interior that causes me to rummage blindly through the dim bag until I find what I want (especially when it’s dark clothing or something small). 

Although I appreciate the practicality of this bag, the style is not my favorite. It isn’t very fashionable in my opinion, but it definitely does its job well, and that’s all I really need. 

Travel Toiletry bag

If you want a bag that is perfect for easy travel, the COR surf toiletry bag is the one for you. I found this bag to be such a convenient item. The bag is 10 inches long, 6 inches wide, and about 4 inches tall (if full). It is large enough to hold any possible toiletries you might grab on the go, yet it easily fits inside other bags– such as the Island Hopper (I recommend purchasing both together).

This bag has four compartments. There are two side pockets perfect for a couple of toothbrushes and toothpaste. It also has a large, main storage compartment that is big enough to comfortably fit pretty much anything I could dream up to bring with me for toiletries. And lastly, it boasts a back compartment for any additional needs. 

The inside of this bag also boasts a vibrant green interior, which I  learned to appreciate when I used this item. The storage is easy to use. There is plenty of room for any potential items that are needed. I found it to be perfect because it carries much more than the bare minimum without taking up a huge amount of space in my luggage.

The pockets within the COR surf toiletry bag are strategic and useful. I can tuck my toothbrush into a private pocket while my facewash and travel-size shampoo can be comfortably stored in the larger area.

Altogether, I have appreciated both the COR surf bags that I have used. I would definitely go back to COR surf to purchase more travel bags in the future. They are durable, high-quality, and perfect for a variety of storage needs.