Plan your day, your week, your four months with a specially designed planner

Before I get into this review, I must present a disclaimer. I am not a believer in zodiac signs, horoscopes, and the like. I’m just not. However, give me a good planner with sections that I find useful and I’m all in. Recently, I was given the Affirmicious Daily Planner ($30 for four months) for my zodiac sign, and my first thought was, “A zodiac sign planner?  Nope.  No thanks.” However, I decided to look through it and give it a chance. After all, it was a gift, and I like having lists of things I can check off. Give me something in written form that I can quickly review, add to, and revisit, and you’re speaking my language!

So, I decided to pause my skepticism about all things zodiac, and I cracked it open. The planner begins with a welcome note detailing how it was specifically designed for people born under my zodiac sign and walked you through each section and suggestions for using it. I liked reading the note, and it gave me some ideas about how this planner may fit into my lifestyle.

Each month begins with a customizable calendar, task list for the month, a place for you to choose a word for the month, monthly notes, and a quote for the month. I will probably add a Bible verse in the monthly notes that I’ll work to memorize, but that’s just me. The weekly planner follows a similar layout.  It has a task list, columns for each day of the week, a word for the week, a personal affirmation, and then weekly notes. I haven’t decided if I’m going to add my weekly Bible verse to the personal affirmation for the week or the weekly notes, but I’ll get there. At the end of the week, there is an entire page for end-of-the-week notes. Then we move to the daily planner portion. I think this may be my favorite part. It has a place where you can put the birthdays or anniversaries to remember to address that day, tasks of the day list, and a notes column. But it doesn’t end there. They have added something that I don’t often see in planners. A place for me to write something I did well that day and a place to write something I wish I had done differently.  Finally, there is a circle at the bottom of the daily page to address my feeling of the day. I can color it in, write a word, draw a small picture, whatever I want. 

The Affirmicious planner is suitable for anyone looking for a unique yet relatively simple way to organize their schedule. However, I would say that the price is a bit steep. Also, I don’t like the idea of having to buy a new planner every four months. Since I haven’t had a paper planner in a few years, though, I’m finding this one highly habit-forming!