New iMac? No thank you

Not too long ago, Kensington shook the foundation of the very concept of an iPad dock. While most companies have a way to prop the device up, maybe even elevate it a little bit, they lack any docking abilities when it comes to ports. Additionally, there are a slew of companies that have created ways to expand the lone USB-C (or Thunderbolt 4, depending on model) port with hubs. To this day, there has yet to be an all in one hub and stand, dock and mount, all in one workstation for the iPad, that has come close to Kensington’s StudioDock.

That’s quite a statement, and I stand by it. Granted, there are some products that have cool features, but none quite as all inclusive and premium as the StudioDock. It was almost a year ago that I first tried out this remarkable piece of technology and I still absolutely love it. I currently use my StudioDock as the dock to connect my beloved iPad Pro to my at home workstation. With one magnetic attachment of my iPad Pro, I connect to external storage bays, a monitor, speakers and ethernet. I also frequently plug in other devices or charge my keyboard and mouse via the USB-A ports in the back.

I have had many desk renditions as I’m sure many who have worked from home for any period of time can relate. I feel like I am constantly adjusting or tweaking my desk to work more efficiently, or to incorporate a new piece of tech I am trying out for the site. Nevertheless, the StudioDock prevails among all other docks for the coveted spot on my home office desk.

There is something about the combination of two wireless charging pads, SD Card reader, headphone jack, USB-C port, USB-A Ports, Ethernet, HDMI Out, and quick charge to my workhorse iPad Pro that results in an unbeatable product. The ability to slim down my already tech-heavy desk because everything is built into one highly efficient docking station is pretty remarkable. What may be even more remarkable is the fact that I do not feel as though I am compromising in any of the areas that Kensington chooses to include. The wireless chargers are quality builds, with quality materials, the writing speeds via USB-A or USB-C keep up with the best. The hinge for the iPad to be positioned how I want it has not worn down at all. 

I rarely find tech that sticks with me for an extended period of time. In fact one day I should probably do a piece about the tech that has stood the test of time with me. I rotate through tech so frequently that I am onto another thing pretty quickly – usually. The Kensington StudioDock has become a staple of my desk, and I do not have any plans to change that anytime soon.