Portable, powerful, and price-conscious video gear for 2020

woman using Moment lens portable video gear
Credit: Moment

The rise of TikTok, YouTube, Instagram influencers, and more, is quickly making quality video more desirable. As companies and influencers are starting out, a quality video presence can make or break their success. As start-up companies are born, it is vitally important that they have a quality set up without spending thousands of dollars.

portable video gear Moment lens
Credit: Moment


Moment | Wide 18mm Lens & M-Series Lens Mount ($120)

Moment has brought modular updates to the devices we have in our pockets and backpacks every day. With a simple detachable lens, you can add a wide array of camera upgrades to an iPhone, Android, iPad, and so on. These camera upgrades range from wide-angle lenses to macro lenses, fisheye lenses…the list goes on and on. You can even add these lenses to a laptop or other front-facing camera for video calls.

Blu mic
Credit: Blu


Blu Mic ($130)

Musicians, podcasters, videographers alike have used and raved about this mic. As a USB mic, the Blu Mic has unparalleled portability as compared with other mics with the same ability. Blu Mic allows for fantastic audio recording with multi-directional settings and even the ability to plug in reference monitors or headphones. The higher-end versions of this mic also include the ability to route audio out via XLR.


Lume Cube ($90)

The Lume Cube is one of the smallest adjustable LED lights I have found. Battery-powered, and rechargeable by USB-C, this light cube is incredibly powerful, and portable. In the box is a shoe mount, modification frame, warming gel, softening diffuser and the Lume Cube 2.0. To add to the portability, the Lume Cube is incredibly durable and waterproof to 30 feet.


Adonit V-Grip ($35)

Regardless of all the expensive equipment possible, if the video is shaky when it should be still, the quality drops. That’s where Adonit’s V-Grip comes in. With portability and price that are hard to beat, this product will be a favorite of anyone who owns it. Featuring seven different ways to utilize this grip, a standard size screw to mount to other attachments and a Bluetooth shutter button.

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