Rhone’s Courtside: The only shirt you need during COVID-19

Credit: Rhone

The Covidocalypse is here. I learned quickly that in failing to find toilet paper, soap, and laundry detergent, Thankfully, the Rhone Courtside Quarter-Zip helped me go on with life.

I’ve been wearing this shirt for a straight week, no lie. It feels like a security blanket right now. I wore it last Friday when my boss told me to work from home this week. I wore it to the grocery store Sunday morning to find toilet paper. I’m wearing it now as I write this review, about to venture into the sunshine and remind myself that today is okay.

What makes this shirt so amazing is it feels like it was made for me. I am 6-foot- 6-inches and I can never find a shirt that fits me in the arms and doesn’t look like I’m swimming in it. When I pulled the Courtside over my head I was astonished that the sleeves stretched. When I slipped my thumbs into the stylish and athletic thumb-holes my mouth popped open. The shirt wasn’t strained to reach my wrists. 

Rhone uses something called elastane fabric. This will change your life, quite literally. It is a light shirt that is quite possibly a one-size-fits-all shirt. The stitching on the shoulders is minimal. Actually, there isn’t any stitching over the shoulder. It appears to be one steady stream of fabric from arm-to-arm, with stitching under the arms to attach the fabric to the chest of the shirt.

I’ve always found that stitching limits adaptability on a shirt and flexibility in a fabric. The way the Courtside is designed the only flexibility limitations I had were my own. The shirt is long and very breathable. The reason I’ve been able to wear it for a week is it seems to wick away any odor from the day before. I am absolutely in love with and amazed by this shirt. 

There were a few times I rolled up the sleeves on the shirt because I was getting warm during a workout. The fabric easily rolled up and didn’t leave a mark like many jackets that use elastic on the cuffs. 

The only downside I had was the shirt has a ¾ collar. It seems like a good idea for cooler weather, but it isn’t practical to keep your neck warm. It seems more like a style design to have a collar, but I would prefer a small lip that rides around the neck rather than a full collar. 

I think the design and attention to detail are impeccable. On the thumb-holes there is a small fabric reinforcement to prevent stitching wear over time. It is quite simply the only shirt I want to wear right now.

At $88 you’re buying more than a shirt. However, Rhone is running a 50% special right now. For me, it is worth the investment. It’s stylish, built to last, and wicks odor into the air. During this time of crisis, it is important to find comfort and security where we can. This shirt did it for me.