Will Reebok Question stand the test of time?

Credit: Reebok

Growing up, I used to watch basketball highlight reels on YouTube constantly. This included LeBron James’ vicious dunk on the entire Boston Celtics team and Kobe Bryant and his famous 81-point game. 

As a short basketball player, one person I watched all the time was Allen Iverson. I will never forget the first time I watched his crossover video. Most experts view Michael Jordan as the best defender in the game, but watching ‘The Answer’ cross him over so effectively and pulling up and draining the shot was mesmerizing.

In the shoe game, Kobe, LeBron, and Jordan are timeless icons. The true testament of quality is the effect the sneakers have years later. The Reebok Question Mid shoe seems as if it’s stood the test of time, and along with Allen Iverson himself, has become a piece of history in the chapter of shoes that players rock both on the hardwood and concrete. 

Before I explain what I like about the shoe, a bit more background.

Back in 1996, Allen Iverson emerged as one of the NBA’s most electric players. He combined speed and handling with both grace and beauty. Reebok quickly made Iverson the face of their brand and the Reebok Question as their staple product. Reebok seemed to be ahead of the curve with ‘mid’ designed shoes. Shortly after, Nike and Adidas followed suit.

Fast forward to 2020 and Reebok has released yet another colorway for the Question Mid. It’s an all-white sneaker with a blue sole that compliments the timeless shape perfectly. They call it the Whiteboard colorway, urging the consumer to ‘write your own story’ just as Allen Iverson did all those years ago. 

The design is unique. Reebok created the upper part of the shoe with a mix of leather, suede and a mesh tongue. Reebok calls the shoe its Crown Jewel. You can recognize the Reebok Question Mid by its silhouette–they are truly a beautiful looking shoe. The wide lace layout and thick mesh tongue adds character alongside the stitched number “3” (Iverson’s number) and a “Q” on the backstay.  

I tested the shoe both on the court and for everyday use. The Question hugged my foot as I ran, walked and jumped. I felt like I could crossover MJ! The Hexalite hexagonal cushioning adds noticeable comfort. The shoe is bulkier than typical basketball sneakers, but the shoe never felt heavy. Designed for one of the fastest athletes the game has ever seen, Reebok made sure that the Question wouldn’t slow anyone down.

The beauty of such timeless shoes is their versatility. I wore the shoes to a concert and received so many remarks, some loving the shoes, others sharing with me their own memories of AI; It was like I was wearing a time capsule.

The Reebok Question Mid will continue to be a timeless piece for any sneaker head’s collection. Iverson’s name will live on along with LeBron, Kobe and Jordan. So with these shoes.

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