See the world in new colors with Dragon Alliance

A woman wearing her Opus LL sunglasses by Dragon Alliance while on an inflatable floaty.
Credit: Dragon Alliance

In all honesty, I’ve never liked wearing sunglasses. When I’m driving with sunglasses on, my vision feels distorted as if I’m playing a video game or wearing a VR headset. And as soon as I put them on top of my head, they always fall off or get tangled up in my hair. 

Most of the time I end up looking like a pioneer as I squint and use my hand to block the sun. For a while, I really thought I had run out of options! 

But when I tried on the Opus LL glasses by Dragon Alliance, my entire mindset about sunglasses changed. 

On their website, Dragon Alliance names a few features of the Opus LL glasses including cam hinges (stronger than normal glasses hinges), lumalens color optimized lens, and material made from plant-based resin. The coolest part about the company? Dragon Alliance offers over 106 different kinds of sunglasses alone! 

As soon as I opened the box from Dragon Alliance, I was instantly mesmerized by the shiny dragon logo and the sleek black design. The Opus LL glasses I have, retail for $129 and come in the color matte black with a dragon emblem on the side. 

The first thing I noticed about the glasses was the strength of the hinges. As I opened and closed them, they snapped back and forth without feeling like they were going to break. Upon examining the frame itself, I found it was also very durable and did not bend when I pushed on the lenses. 

Then the moment came for me to try them on. As soon as I slid them on, I had fallen in love. The lenses were dark enough to protect my eyes from the sun, but light enough where I could still see colors. This was my absolute favorite feature, especially because all of the sunglasses I own (or even ones I’ve tried on) always distort the color of what I see. I could finally see the world in perfect color!

On the design side, I was quite impressed. The temple piece rested on my ears nicely and hugged the sides of my head. They stayed on the top of my head even when I bent down or turned my head sideways. I slid them on and off multiple times and they never once caught in my hair. 

When I looked in the mirror, I could hardly believe how amazing these glasses looked. It was like the 1960’s Audrey Hepburn’s cat-eye sunglasses met Lara Croft’s action-adventure style. I felt like a boss. I even made my dad try them on for kicks, and they looked spectacular on him too. These glasses go with any outfit I try on and look adaptable for all seasons. These glasses are definitely a win both with durability and style. 

For one final test, I wore them in the country while I did some outdoor work. I knew I’d be met with dust, dirt, and muck, and I wanted to see how the glasses would hold up. 

After an hour or two of being outside, the glasses didn’t fall off my head, even while I was upside down looking at the bottom of a horse’s hoof. When I hopped back in the car, all the fingerprints and smudges were easily wiped off with my cotton shirt and there were zero scratches detected. 

Overall, I would give these glasses a 10 out of 10 rating, and I highly recommend them for anyone to use!