Sensoria Health just found a way to help with diabetes biggest problem — lower limb pain

Diabetes has many effects on those who have any range of this disease. It can affect their food intake, comfort, and way of life.

One of the other areas that Diabetes can affect those afflicted is with foot wounds. It is estimated that 33% of those with diabetes suffer from these foot wounds. Sadly, of all the effects of diabetes, complications with the lower limbs are some of the most painful. In fact, every 20 seconds in the US, a lower extremity is lost due to the effects of diabetes.

Sensoria Health is here to try and help with this issue by creating their newest Foot Defender. Foot Defender is formed through a partnership with Sensoria Health and Defender. This is a digital footwear system that is IoMT – enabled. Further, this system can help monitor the effects of diabetes on the foot, offload 50% more pressure from ulcers caused by diabetes, provides feedback to the patient, and clinician.

Sensoria’s CEO, David’s Vigano even went as far to say how excited Sensoria was about this partnership:

“The combination of Sensoria’s remote patient monitoring wearable technology, behavioral feedback enabled mobile app, artificial intelligence Microsoft Azure cloud software solutions along with Defender’s unique medical footwear design, and clinically proven offloading technology will change the way diabetic foot ulcers are treated. We are excited about this partnership and look forward to bringing the next generation of elegant and smart diabetic footwear to market.”

In short, this partnership merges the technology from Sensoria and the product from Defender.

While this smart footwear will be sure to not only be a comfortable option for it’s users, but also an intelligent solution to help track, predict, and help prevent drastic measures from needing to take place.