Social distance your contact sharing forever

Someone holding their phone with a Popl attached to the back of it.
Credit: Popl

Throughout the past few months, distance from people has given me an appreciation for the virtual world. I have learned to stay connected with my friends through social media and conduct business safer in an online setting. As much as I enjoy the convenience of online communication, getting contact information and social media handles from people can feel like an unnecessary hassle.

I think many people might relate to the inconvenience of giving your phone number to someone. It often entails the two people logging into their contacts and switching phones to let them type all of the information. Or, there is the awkward struggle that comes with sifting through your wallet to find a business card to share or one that someone gave you long ago.

I have recently discovered an item that is revolutionary to exchanging contact information. The Popl is a unique tool that is like a virtual business card. You simply stick a Popl to the back of your phone, or wherever you choose, and download the app to be ready to share your contact information with anyone you choose.

I absolutely love the options I had for the Popl design. Each design is so fun and adds a nice design to your phone without being “too much”. I personally chose the Popl Prism to use on my phone, and I appreciate that it adds a pop of fun to my phone.

The first thing to do when you get your Popl is to download the app and choose whatever information you want to share with whomever you choose. You can share just about any virtual contact information when you use the Popl. The options include everything from your phone number to your Paypal or any links that you desire. 

Once the app is downloaded, the only step is to scan the Popl and then stick it wherever you want. I attached my Popl to the back of my phone case since it is most convenient for me. The only thing left to do is use it. 

I struggled a bit when first using the Popl. I am not the most tech-savvy person, and so it took a few tries to understand how it works best. Although the Popl does not require the other person to have the app, there were only a few types of phones updated enough to take the information without the Popl app being downloaded first. 

One thing I really like about my Popl is that I can choose to send whoever scans it directly to a specific link or I could let them see a list of the information I chose to share. This is easily customizable in the app so you can choose specific actions for specific people. I chose to only share my Instagram with one person whereas I shared my social media and phone number with another. It is so easy once you know how it works.

I believe that Popl has the potential to revolutionize sharing contact information. It is simple and straightforward as well as aesthetically pleasing. Altogether, it is a great way to make contact sharing more efficient.