Stay powered with these desk essentials

desk with laptop, Aukey charger
Credit: Aukey

I have a mega desk. Well, let me explain that. I have six two-by-two cube shelves lined up, stacked, and disassembled in a way to create this U- shaped desk/shelf contraption. This “desk” (where I sit now) is where I do most of my work.

There’s quite a bit of gear at this desk that must be plugged in at all times. Unfortunately, there’s only one simple wall outlet nearby. With an additional iPad Pro, iPhone, and portable power bank that needs to charge most nights, this is less than ideal. Here’s how I stay powered.

Philips 6-Outlet Wall Tap ($16)

stay powered with this Philips charger
Credit: Amazon

Turning my standard dual outlet into six outlets is a game-changer. I finally have enough room to plug in all of my desktop gear. It’s a cheap solution to everyone’s problem! For me, each outlet has a specific purpose.

  1. Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim (Four Ports)
  2. 27” HP Monitor
  3. PlayStation
  4. Soundcore Wakey
  5. PureZone Tabletop Air Purifier

I know that’s only five of the six outlets accounted for. Take a look at what’s next.

Cordinate 2-Outlet | 2-USB Extension Cord ($18)

stay powered at your desk
Credit: Jasco

The Cordinate occupies the sixth outlet and is used to reach across my desk to power my iPad Pro and STM ChargeTree with its dual USB port design.

There is one thing that separates this extension cord from nearly every other power supply… It’s not ugly! The Cordinate comes in 11 different color options to blend in with its surroundings or light the room. I have always found myself trying to hide my extension cords behind my desk or anywhere else that it won’t be seen. The Cordinate sits on top of my desk, and I’m proud of it.

AUKEY Wall Chargers

I’m way too impatient to use Apple’s 5W block for my iPhone, or even the 18W for my iPad. Maybe I’ve just been spoiled, but I can’t imagine going back to these standard charging speeds. AUKEY has become my favorite brand of wall chargers because of their output speeds and surprisingly small size.

  1. AUKEY 65W Dual USB-C ($46)

This wall charger is an absolute staple for me. The 2018 11” iPad Pro is my daily driver, and I always have my iPhone XR on me. The dual USB-C ports are perfect for when both of my devices need to be charged. The top USB-C outputs 65W for my iPad, and the bottom port pushes 18W for my phone.

  1. AUKEY Omnia 61W USB-C ($30)

Can you picture Apple’s 61W power adapter for the MacBook? Nobody likes having that cinder block hanging off the wall. This wall charger is just as powerful and is 65% smaller than Apple’s! What’s not to like about that?

  1. AUKEY Omnia 100W USB-C ($40)
stay powered with this wall charger
Credit: Aukey

This thing is a beast. Compared to the 61W MacBook wall charger, it is much more powerful, and still noticeably smaller! Because I use an iPad Pro instead of a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, I don’t typically need this much power. If I ever switch to a MacBook Pro, I can guarantee that this would be my main power source.

Baseus 65W Triple-Output ($35)

stay powered with this power strip
Credit: Baseus

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a power strip with six outlets, but only using three of them because your wall chargers block two outlets. Unlike most other high wattage wall chargers, the Baseus 65W Triple-Outlet doesn’t have this problem. Its slim design means no blocking adjacent outlets. Having the freedom to charge three devices has also come in handy more than once.