Super Sparrow coming in super clutch with some super water bottles

Super Sparrow water bottles used for fitness and health
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I drink more water than any average person probably should. I got into the habit a few years ago after learning about the many health benefits of drinking water daily. Clearer skin, boosted energy levels and brain function, a healthy digestive tract, weight loss, and so much more are all just side effects of drinking water. Anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that my water bottle never leaves my side. 

I carry my water bottle everywhere. My 32-ounce Nalgene has been one of my best buddies, accompanying me on shopping sprees, bike rides, picnics, lake days, and all sorts of other adventures. However, it stinks. The plastic water bottle has soaked up this foul odor that, no matter how many times I wash it, just doesn’t want to go. The material it’s made from seems to lock in odors over time, and I guess my bottle’s time is up. I decided to try out a few Super Sparrow bottles instead. I chose three: the Standard Mouth, Small Mouth, and Sports Bottle

Every Super Sparrow water bottle comes in a vast array of color options and three different sizes. I couldn’t make up my mind for this Super Sparrow review, so I got one of each! I chose a 32oz standard mouth water bottle, 17oz smallmouth water bottle, and a 25oz sports water bottle to try out every size and style. 

As far as size goes, I love how much the 32oz stainless steel water bottle holds, but it is quite bulky (it’s almost a foot tall). Luckily, there’s a strap and carrying sleeve that comes with it. I feel pretty hardcore lugging this water bottle around with me. I love that it comes with two different cap options. There’s both a screw-on and straw lid so I can switch it up depending on my mood. 

The 17oz stainless steel water bottle is on the small side for my daily water needs, but I could see it being a good size for someone needing to stay hydrated on the go. It fits nicely in my purse. 

The plastic sports bottle is my personal favorite. It’s just an average size, but I love the flip cap and lock. I could fidget with it all day long. 

Because the small and standard mouth water bottles are made from stainless steel and are vacuum insulated, they keep drinks the temperature you want them (ice cubes or no ice cubes). I’ve experimented with both hot and cold drinks and have been quite impressed so far. They do such a good job insulating my beverages that I’ve never felt a thing on the outside of the bottle. No sweating with a cold drink (the powder coat makes it non-slip as well), and the bottles don’t warm up at all with a hot beverage like coffee. 

The plastic sports water bottle doesn’t have this insulation feature, but I don’t mind. I believe there is a stainless steel version of the sports bottle, however, which I’d love to try in the future. There’s no straw option for the sports bottle, but the cap is an easy-pour design that allows for a quicker water intake (perfect for sports players who need a quick sip). I’ve always resorted to cheap plastic water bottles, but these Super Sparrow water bottles have broadened my horizons. 

I love all the little accessories that come with the bottles. Like I said, there’s multiple caps for the standard mouth bottle, a straw, a straw cleaner, carrying straps and sleeves, and a few other things. I like being able to accessorize, and accessorizing something as basic as my water bottle is just next level. 

Now that my Nalgene has come to the end of its sanitary life, moving on to Super Sparrow water bottles has been a welcome upgrade (did I mention these bottles are odourless?). I’m still able to drink an ungodly amount of water every day, but with an improved sense of style. 

One of my most recent Google searches was, “is it possible to over hydrate?”. I found out that I’d have to drink over a gallon of liquid in a single sitting to be at any risk of this. Pretty sure I’ll be alright. Cold water really is the most refreshing beverage — and the best health aid with so many added benefits aside from pure hydration. Super Sparrow has helped me stay on track with my hydration goals and has made drinking water more enjoyable. With their lifetime warranty, I can’t imagine ditching these bottles anytime soon. Don’t forget to stay hydrated, kids!

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