The Chilly Moose Wheeled Explorer beats Yeti hands down

Summer is not quite over, but it’s definitely time to be thinking about the last big holiday weekend before 2023’s vacation season wraps up. Some of our American friends are already headed back to school but Labour day weekend (or labor day for the Americans) is fast approaching and we thought it would be a perfect time to tell you what we think about the Chilly Moose 55L Explorer. A wheeled cooler product making some big waves out of Ontario Canada.

A family owned Canadian business, Chilly Moose began out of a desire for higher quality, durable products that not only perform well, but back things up with just plain good looks. 

I received my Canoe Red Chilly Moose 55L Wheeled Explorer ($499 CDN) in a nicely branded sturdy shipping box with the cooler inside wrapped in plastic. The 55L Wheeled Explorer also comes in a variety of colors including Great Lakes (speckled blue), Blaze Orange, Limestone (white with blue tinged flecks), Moonstone (charcoal with flecks), Tobermory (two-tone robin’s egg blue bottom with a Limestone top) and South Hampton (teal green). Chilly Moose also offers an essentials kit ($89 CDN) that includes a cutting board that also serves as an interior divider, two very sturdy exterior drink holders that mount to the side of the cooler as well as a storage basket. Both the food safe cutting board and the storage basket mount inside the lid for easy food prep and small item storage. A really nice add-on and highly recommended!

As soon as I pulled the Chilly Moose Wheeled Explorer out of its box I knew Chilly Moose didn’t come to play. This cooler packs some weight! Designed to withstand Canada’s wildlife, the Chilly Moose Wheeled Explorer is virtually indestructible. 

Upon opening the lid, I found the company’s logo embossed on the inside of the cooler’s lid with an interior quick drain release valve for water removal. The front corners of the sidewalls feature thick metal plates with a tether point and bottle opener. The outside of the form fitting interlock lid features the cooler’s heavy rubber latches, a fish scale and built in metal rods on either end of the cooler for tying the cooler down using Chilly Moose’s optional Universal Tie-Down kit ($49 CDN). The tie-down kit is really nice. The thick black straps and polished metal tie-down mounts are all branded with the company’s logo. Everything is well-appointed with very nice attention to detail and a high-end bougie finish.

Due to its roto-molded and pressure injection foam filled construction, the Chilly Moose has some serious insulative properties. This largely contributes to the Wheeled Explorer’s weight. I packed the Wheeled Explorer with a few bags of ice and a case of room temperature soft drinks to see just how long it would stay cool. After 5 days outside I still had ice cold drinks and lots of cubes remaining in the cooler. 

The 55L Wheeled Explorer might be weighty but thanks to its heavy duty wheels and padded steel handle, I didn’t have to lug it around. The Wheeled Explorer tips easily and pivots on its two wheels and is easily maneuverable through smooth or rough terrain and even sand with its padded metal handle. There’s also a padded rope handle on the opposite side to make loading and unloading easy.

In terms of competition, a certain company named after a mythical beast comes to mind.  But performance-wise, both coolers perform essentially the same. So with performance out of the way let’s talk about design and build quality. To be honest, this is where the Chilly Moose Wheeled Explorer’s over-engineering, construction and design, combined with its aggressive price point shines. At a Canadian price point of $499 CDN, this puts the Chilly Moose Wheeled Explorer at a little over $100 less than its competitor.

Dollar for dollar, the Chilly Moose wins my vote over its competitors and looks absolutely killer in the process. With Chilly Moose currently all over Canada and making their way South of the border, it won’t be long before they’re showing up at a beach, tailgate party or labor day weekend near you!

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