I’ve tested dozens of electric bikes. The Cannondale Adventure Neo Allroad is my current favorite

Being able to load tons of gear on an electric bike makes them incredibly versatile. In a recent test of the Cannondale Adventure Neo Allroad EQ, I found I could load up the bike with vegetables from the garden, camping gear for a road trip on a trail near my house, and even lug my laptop and some water bottles over to a picnic area with ease.

As an electric, the Adventure Neo Allroad is more rugged than most and able to handle about 305 pounds (including rider) and go about 47 miles on a charge. I’ll cover the range in a moment, since it is very subjective, but the Adventure Neo Allroad is one of those memorable products that sticks out mostly because it is meant for (as the name implies) any terrain and can handle a bunch of cargo for excursions into the wild open world.

I first used the bike on a trip to a community garden. I installed a front bike cargo tray and brought along a few straps and a storage bag. After picking about a dozen cucumbers, a few beans, and some tomatoes, I loaded up the bag and strapped it down. There’s a unique feeling to doing that. This bike opens up new possibilities. It is a wonderful feeling because you can bike for about 10 miles, stop off at a garden, load up your veggies, and then get back on the trail. It feels like you are conquering the world, one cucumber at a time.

Next, I took the bike to a local regional park. The Adventure Neo Allroad is more than capable of traveling on gravel and dirt, although I would probably not use it on a mountain bike trail. I zoomed around the park in style, but my real goal was to transport all of my gear from the car to the camper cabin about two miles away. (I purposefully parked a long distance away.) Again, no problem with my light camping gear including a sleeping bag, food stuffs, and some other supplies.

On one last trip I also took my laptop and some water bottles to a park and met some family members. The Adventure Neo Allroad is one of the most stable bikes I have ever used, thanks to the superior handling and wide tires. Even with my cargo in tow, I never felt like the bike was tippy or slippery on any road surface, gravel, or dirt.

One secret to the success is that there are five distinct “gears” to use which add more power as you go up higher. In the lower modes, the pedal assist is more minimal. I estimated that the fifth setting with the most assist would last about 20 miles on a charge. It all depends on how much assist you provide, whether there are a lot of hills, and even if you glide often or not. In my experience, the Cannondale Adventure Neo Allroad really impressed me with its stability, handling, torque on uphill climbs, and ruggedness. I would say if you want to go long distances, a lighter bike with more range is a better fit. I prefer the cargo capabilities myself.

One reason I don’t mind the lower range is that it doesn’t come up that often that you will go more than about 50 miles on an electric. You have to plan that out a little more. For me, 5-10 mile treks are much more common, including quick morning rides. I wasn’t as impressed with the display on this bike because it doesn’t show a ton of info — mostly speed, range, and total miles.

No matter. The bike is meant for rugged riding, excursions around town, and tackling gravel or dirt paths. It can haul everything I’d need for bike camping, and looks like a stylish, trendy ride. It’s one of my favorite electric bikes this year and a current top pick — after testing dozens of competing models. It’s a cargo-hauler meant to go anywhere you want to go.