The Dreame Bot W10 does what no other Dreametech robot vacuum and mop can, and my mind is blown

Robot vacuum and mop combos are no longer a pipe dream. I’ve reviewed a few myself. They exist, they are helpful, and I love them. There is a problem though. They get dirty and they mostly just run a wet rag over your floor to mop. Once the mop is dirty, it just drags dirty water across your floor. Dreametech solves this problem. 

The Dreametech W10 is not the first vacuum and mop combo to have rotating mop heads (to my knowledge). But it is their first combo system to actually clean rotating mop heads during its work on your home. Yes, it cleans the mop heads – and it does an amazing job too. 

Inside the charging hub are two water tanks. Once dirty, the robot returns to this station and empties the dirty water into one tank and uses clean  water to restore the mop heads for the perfect clean. Once it revitalizes with fresh water it continues its job. 

It vacuums and mops simultaneously and even dries the mop heads when it is complete to avoid mildew and bad smells. The crazy thing – it works. It works SO well. Sometimes I just watch the D-shaped dynamo work, and it is impressive. I’ve never felt more satisfied walking across the clean floors of my home. This robot detects carpet to avoid getting them wet while it vacuums too. 

Dreametech includes additional features that we have come to know and love in our household as well. When I first took the W10 bot out of the box, I sent it around to map out my house. This only took about ten to fifteen minutes. I open the app and tell it where it can and cannot go. I can tell it where it should or shouldn’t mop too. It avoids cliffs and gently cruises through my house cleaning it like never before. 

I notice the bot doesn’t collide hard with my walls. Instead, it “lovingly” slows down and guides itself along edges with precision and accuracy. Did I mention it cleans its own mop heads? Yes –  I did – I’m just still kind of in awe. 

There is a trade off though. It doesn’t empty its bin on its own. I still have to pick it up and empty the dustbin every once in a while to ensure the vacuum runs at peak efficiency. Is this kind of a bummer? Yep. Is it a big deal? Nope. Is it worth the trade off? An easy yes. 

I personally would rather empty a dust bin than constantly deal with taking mop pads off, run them through the laundry etc. I haven’t had the greatest experience with other bots that claim to empty themselves. They seem to struggle with pet hair. I usually end up having to empty those myself anyways. Therefore, I’m happy to empty a dustbin while my mops scrub my floor and clean themselves multiple times during the job. 

Once a job is complete, I simply empty the dirty water tank (occasionally I rinse it) and fill the clean water tank. After that, the W10 is ready for its next job. What a workhorse. I can also schedule cleanings, control the bot from the app, and use Alexa to start cleaning.  

Overall, if you need clean floors and hate mopping the W10 is for you. If you want an actual scrub of your floors as opposed to a wet cloth pushing dirt around, the W10 is for you. If you don’t mind the work of emptying a dustbin in favor of a world class robot mop system – the W10 is for you. The cleanliness simply cannot be beat. 

Photo Credit: Dreametech

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