Cold weather cycling at night just got a lot easier

I’m an avid cyclist, and the cold weather has recently hit my area. We’re in the 40s now and headed to a much lower number soon. With the cold temps we also have shorter days, so my riding has been tough in an urban area.

Recently, I tried out the Specialized Flux 1250 Headlight which costs $125. Let’s get this out of the way before I go any further — this is the top of the line light and for those who really need to illuminate the road. It is a bit spendy when you consider there are bikes that cost $125 (they are available at Target, for example) but — safety first!

I really like this light, so let me explain why it is so awesome. The biggest reason is that it makes nighttime riding much more enjoyable. In my area, there are some dark roads especially once I start edging out of the major city and onto the paths that take me to small towns.

Once, while riding in the later evening, I turned on the light and felt like I could keep going on a path that was so dark you can’t see the trees on the side of the path.

There are settings to make the light flash brightly as well, and I noticed other riders were well aware of my presence. You can mount this light on your bike or helmet, and for the added price, this model lasts longer. In one setting, the light can last for about 20 hours on a charge. In the brightest mode, it’s about 90 minutes. I like that you can lock it for travel so it won’t turn on by itself. A daytime low light flash mode also lasts 20 hours.

The light is waterproof, and thanks Specialized for that. I like to ride anytime anywhere, except for cold temps. On a few rides, I was in a serious downpour and started feeling like the entire idea of riding a bike in the rain is for the birds. I kept going. (I happen to own a Specialized bike as well, and no concerns there. I also have a water-tight rain shell.)

So how do you justify the price?

For me, it is no contest. I like to be safe. Knowing I can turn on the brightest setting on any dark path actually helped me ride longer and more confidently. 

I’m heading out again today, with the days getting shorter. I know the road will be dark later, and I’m happy to say the $125 is more than worth it.

Photo by Dima Pechurin on Unsplash