The Excy 240 Peloton System will excel your day to day routine

A woman using the Ecxy 240 Peloton System in her living room.
Credit: Excy

I have always been a pretty active person. Running, biking, and anything from yoga to strength training – I love it all. I’ll admit, during this pandemic period, being cooped up inside, my routine has suffered a bit. Now that the gyms are closed, I have to be more intentional about being active. But this all changed when I got the Excy 240 system. This was a game-changer. 

This system is great. I can stay active anywhere in my house. Since this system is very portable, I could even sit outside in the fresh air to ride or I could bring it downstairs and get in a long session. Weighing in at just over 13 pounds, it’s lightweight and easy to handle. One way that I enjoyed it was for interval training. I would ride for five minutes then switch to another exercise for five minutes and repeat for 30 minutes. So, to break that down, 15 total minutes of riding and three sets of any other activity for five minutes. Push-ups, sit-ups, whatever works at the time.  

Since this system is so portable, I took it out on my deck. It was a breath of fresh air after being inside for days on end. Getting in a great morning ride while not leaving my house was much needed. During this time, I used the Excy App. I used the “Cycle Leg Blast” workout most often; it’s a great way to start the day. It’s a short workout, coming in at only 15 minutes, so you don’t overwork yourself. 

One really unique feature the 240 system has is the thermal tape. When you unbox the unit, you will notice there are no sensors. No Bluetooth adapters. So how do you exercise with the Excy App? Well, the thermal tape on the metal pedal creates friction on every rotation. Friction creates heat and heat changes the tape color. A pretty great method to keep it simple with minimal material. Back to the app – your exercise will tell you which color to get to. It’s kind of like a revolution counter without a sensor. 

One of the best things about the Excy 240 is that you don’t have to build it. So, after I read through the user manual, which you should do, I jumped right on for a workout.  Don’t pedal until you do some light reading. After I got to know the unit, I naturally started a workout and popped on Netflix. The unit is great while enjoying your favorite shows for one simple fact. It is really quiet. Like, surprisingly quiet. I didn’t have to turn my volume up to 34. Just a modest 16. I watched old sports reruns like The Masters and World Series games. I relived many great sports moments while getting a great workout in. It was much needed. 

The Excy in use
Credit: Excy

I’m 26 and healthy but who wouldn’t benefit from this? The first thing that I thought of was my grandma. I wish they had these units at her assisted living home. It’s so portable and folds up great for storage. I could picture grandmas and grandpas being active together. Another great way someone could use this is for rehab. Excy isn’t just for your legs. You can set it up on a table and pedal with your hands. This could be a great way to recoup from an injury. The app even has a workout called “Arm Candy”. 

At $699 the Excy 240 Peloton System is less expensive than a Peloton Bike and there is so much you can do with this system. If you have been looking for a stationary bike, I would encourage you to try one of these out instead. You can even rent one. With this system, you won’t be held down like you are by normal stationary bikes. Go out and live your best life with the Excy 240.