Stride Rite shoes actually keep up with my son, even as he runs from playtime to nap time

A toddler wearing Stride Rite shoes.
Credit: Stride Rite

I used to be a lifeguard. Back in the day when everyone would run around barefoot leaving wet footprints on the concrete. The problem? You could always tell which were mine. While everyone else had a nice footprint shape, mine were wet blobs.

I’ve had flat feet for as long as I can remember. While it comes with a few party tricks (like being able to make funny noises when my foot suction-cups to the hard floor) the real issue lies in the pain from an overstretched arch. My entire life my feet are killing me at the end of the day. If the shoes I wear don’t have enough support, I compensate with shoe inserts with artificial arches to help alleviate the pain.

When my son was born, we noticed his flat footed tendencies. We had the doctor look at it during a checkup. He confirmed that unfortunately our son had flat feet as well.

Having good ankle support and arch support in shoes is important to me, so I knew it would benefit my son.

Three unique Striderite shoes on display on a stone wall.
Credit: Stride Rite

The Quinn Boot by Stride Rite answered my worries. My son used to complain about his feet hurting and ask for us to rub his feet at night (I’m not kidding). Now, after a day of wearing these boots, his feet seem much better. The arches provide the support he needs even as a toddler.

As a shoe enthusiast, I love that these shoes are practical yet stylish enough to be dressed up or down. While I know some parents could care less about what style shoes their kids wear when they’ll just grow out of them, I care about dressing my son in something that looks nice.

Another welcomed feature is the high ankle. While this is expected in almost all boots, I find the extra ankle support worth noting.

My son is still learning to put on his shoes, but he is fantastic at taking them off. What my wife and I have learned to appreciate is that these shoes are easy to put on and take off. This allows us to relax for five seconds before he is off and running to the next thing.

The helpful features don’t stop there. Stride Rite makes the insole removable. As first time parents, this helps us know when it is time to upgrade to the next size.

 As we transition from sandals and bare feet to closed toe shoes for the cooler months, I know my family is thrilled to have such a great option for our little one.