The future of smart home integration and lawn care is here from Husqvarna- Automower 115H

Leaves are turning color. Apples are ready to harvest. The weekend getaways to the cabin are dwindling.

After every summer is the honest assessment of what tools and equipment will get you through the next season, and which ones need to be replaced. If you’re looking for a new mower Husqvarna offers an innovative, lifestyle-friendly alternative for keeping your lawn green next season.

The Automower 115H is a fully-electric, smart-detection, automated mower asking consumers to reconsider how they mow their lawns. This mower has 3 pivoted blades cutting at 2500 RPM. It cuts multiple times a day, cutting in incremental lengths. Users can program when the cutting times take place, Husqvarna typically recommends cutting once in the morning and once in the early evening. The Automower 115H relies on a boundary wire system which users install along the perimeter of their lawn. The patented “Guide wire” maps out your lawn for the mower to recognize where and where not to cut. On-board the Automower is a computer with digital LCD readout. The LCD display shows quick-functions allowing users to toggle different modes and operations, such as scheduling control and timers. Husqvarna claims the Automower 115H as a resilient and powerful mower even in tough weather and terrain. The Automower’s wheels have extra traction and tread to climb slopes of up to 30%. It is IPX5 weather-resistant meaning it can handle low pressure water stream from any angle. Owners can expect this mower to continue to cut the lawn, rain or shine barring extreme weather conditions.

The Automower 115H is a gas-free mower equipped with a 18 V Lithium-Ion battery. Automower has an average cutting time of 60 minutes on a full charge. Average charging time for a full-charge is about 60 minutes. The mower returns to the charging station automatically after every cut so you never forget to charge the battery. Equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and connects to your smartphone, accessible from anywhere. With its own dedicated app, users can control cutting schedules, start/stop mowing, and send the mower back to the charging dock. This app also connects with Google Home and Apple Homekit systems. 

Consumers looking for an autonomous mower want to escape the hassle and thought of traditional mowing and lawn care. One feature that cannot be overlooked (or perhaps overheard) is how quiet this mower is. Measuring in at just under 60 dB’s this mower is quieter than most electric mowers and certainly much quieter than traditional gas mowers which measure typically between 80-90 dB’s. As one of the world’s oldest companies, Husqvarna has continually adapted and innovated to grow and maintain success. Husqvarna is committed to ushering in the future of lawn care. In order to reach greater autonomy, Husqvarna tackled noise head on.

$200 Off Through September

Lastly, through Friday September 30th, Husqvarna is offering a sale on the Automower 115H. Use code: laborday at checkout and receive $200 off the purchase price of a new Automower 115H. Want to read more about electric mowers? Check out this mower we reviewed earlier this month.