The jacket your legs didn’t know they needed

As someone who lives in a colder state (and stays cold for more months than it remains warm), I often look for products that will keep me cozy. Also, as a wife of an avid fisherman, it always helps to have my gear available for those times on the water when the chilly air invades. If he can keep me warm, he gets to fish longer, and I am a much happier helper on the boat! Blankets are bulky and get wet. Towels aren’t enough to keep me warm. Sweatshirts and sweatpants can only do so much. Enter the Mozy. It sounds weird, I know, but the name makes sense when you read the company’s explanation – “Where mobile meets cozy, you get the Mozy!” And mozy it is!

I got the Mozy (usually $140 but currently on sale for $64), which I can only assume is the original. The information I got from the company says that this “jacket for your legs” is 500% warmer than stadium blankets. Now, I’m not sure that is entirely true as I didn’t compare and measure the two products, but I can tell you that the Mozy is very warm. Not only is the fleece lining warm, but the nylon outer shell is also weatherproof, water-resistant, and durable. Plus, it is lightweight – meaning I can easily take it on the boat with us. 

If you’ve got kids who would enjoy a Mozy as well, the Mozy Youth (usually $110 but on sale for $40) is also available. A fun feature the kids may enjoy is customizable patches ($12-15) in three sizes. All of the Mozys have multifunctional pockets and a carabiner clip. 

The Mozy is adjustable, so it’s great for jumping, bending over the side of the pontoon boat, or sitting comfortably while reading a book. Where was the Mozy when my boys played soccer, football, and baseball in freezing temperatures? I would love to have this “leg jacket” while I was cheering them on!

When you walk with the Mozy on, it sounds like you’re walking in a snowsuit. There’s no sneaking around in it. If I’m trying to stay warm, I rarely attempt to be stealthy. While the original price of the Mozy seems steep, the sale price is excellent! I’d recommend the Mozy, especially if you’re someone who spends time outside in the cold!