The smart baby camera that won’t hurt your wallet

When I had my first child, I picked up a smart baby camera to make sure I could keep an eye on them while sleeping. I still use that camera to watch him to this day. Having the peace of mind to be able to check in on him from anywhere, with the added benefit of smart features that can alert me when he rolls onto his face, to how long it takes him to fall asleep, this camera is something that I don’t see getting rid of any time soon.

When my daughter was born, I wanted the same for her crib. However, being the techy person and reviewer that I am, I thought I’d try some other companies’ smart baby cameras to see how they stack up.

For my daughter, I picked up the Nooie Baby Cam. I picked this one because of the crazy low price of $40, all while still packing some impressive features.

This camera has 1080p Full HD video, two way audio, crystal clear night vision, and local storage (via MicroSD Card). Personally, the fact that there is built-in local storage is huge, especially as it seems all camera companies are moving to a monthly subscription plan for being able to access your own videos.

While this camera does not have all the same advanced baby monitoring features, the features compared to the price tag is still something that is too good to pass up. I can set my Nooie Baby Cam to alert me for any time my daughter cries, any time she moves, or even any time there is any noise whatsoever.

Setup for this camera was an absolute breeze. There are no screws, no drilling or tools necessary. Since this is such a feather-light camera, Nooie has opted to adhere to the wall with a simple 3M strip, or you can place it on a flat surface if desired. To keep the cable out of reach of babies, they included a track to slide the cable into that also sticks to the wall via 3M strips.

Some other notable features include a built in light that can be toggled from the companion app, and the ability to record or screen grab any content on the screen.

Nooie is a company that makes cameras of all types. I have previously used their 360 camera in my house to keep an eye on the family. Now that I have upgraded my home security system (review coming soon), I have moved my Nooie 360 camera to keep an eye on my kids’ play room. What this means is now that through one app, I can keep an eye on my kids’ spaces.

All in all, where this camera may lack the advanced features of other baby specific smart monitors, it makes up in its ease of use, setup, and price. For anyone looking for a camera to keep an eye on a room, a crib, a pet, or a loved one, check out the Nooie Indoor Cam / Baby Cam!