The Kanevas Benjamin bag will make you feel professional, even if you work from home

The Kanevas Benjamin bag holding a computer while placed on a desk.
Credit: Kanevas

My Kanevas Benjamin bag has been essential to navigating a hybrid work schedule in 2020. Students aren’t the only ones balancing “work from home” with in-person meetings. If a Hello Kitty backpack doesn’t cut it for you anymore, a Kanevas bag will deliver.

My Kanevas Benjamin bag surprised me. Clever little thing. Its design is sleek and slim. Imagine my surprise when I realized I could fit multiple 13” by 8.5” client files AND a 13” laptop in my Kanevas bag with ease. Goodbye, Hello Kitty.

I like that you can customize the fabric of your Kanevas bag. They’ll even send you swatch samples before you place your order. I chose black leather for my Kanevas Benjamin bag. The leather feels fairly weather-resistant and scratch-resistant. The bag has also maintained its shape, even though I usually have it packed full.

Whether I’m working from home or at the office, it’s really important to me that I feel like I have it all together. I don’t like bags that look like they’re overflowing or that tip over easily. The Kanevas Benjamin bag stands up by itself and has many pockets (SO MANY POCKETS) and zippers, so you can keep all of your documents, files, devices, tech cords, etc. contained. The Kanevas bag makes you look and feel very organized and professional. Even if it’s the first day of the week you put on real pants. 

The Kanevas Benjamin bag also has a laptop sleeve built-in to the middle pocket. The middle pocket has a place to insert any headphone cords (in case you forgot your wireless earbuds at home), USB cords, or other tech cords. I haven’t tested this feature yet, but I have daydreamed about being at a coffee shop again.  Maybe someday I’ll be able to lay my Kanevas Benjamin bag down on the table, slowly slide out my laptop, and charge my laptop while utilizing the cord insert. I don’t expect I’ll accidentally leave another tech cord behind at a coffee shop. Those days are over, Starbucks! 

For anyone who has been capitalizing on the cheap flights this year, the Kanevas Benjamin bag is light-weight and travel-friendly. It has a pass-through pocket, a comfortable handle, and an adjustable shoulder strap. The front pocket provides easy access to your passport and on-flight reading material. 

Basically, the Kanevas Benjamin bag is everything I was looking for in a work bag. It has a professional aesthetic and it’s practical. If you’re a geek out about pockets or a Type A, (or want to appear like you are one) you need to order this bag ASAP.