Does the Roccat Kain 200 Aimo wireless gaming mouse measure up to its wired competition?

The Roccat Rain 200 Aimo Wireless gaming mouse on a desk.
Credit: Roccat

I look across my gaming station and see… wires. I have a keyboard wire, a mouse wire, a USB hub, mic cable, phone charging cable,  webcam wire, even my mouse pad has a wire for RGB lighting. I complain about the clutter of wires all of the time. Wires are great for gaming and speed, but they sure make an area look cluttered. So the question is – can you get the same performance out of a product without the wire? I had the opportunity to test out the Roccat Kain 200 Aimo Wireless mouse to find out if this is possible. 


Roccat keeps the main thing the main thing with this wireless mouse. The overall feel of the Kain mouse just hits right. It fits well in my palm and is the perfect size for the average hand. I loved the feel and control the Kain 120 gave me, and this mouse is close, but I can’t put my finger on why it also feels so different.

Perhaps it is the difference in the weight, as the wireless model is certainly a bit heavier. This didn’t appear to cause any issues– especially given the fact that there are no wires to get in the way of movement, but again, something about it still bothers me. I prefer the overall feel of the wired Kain 120. 

The RGB lighting is compatible with Roccat’s Aimo system and powered by their Swarm software. You can sync all Roccat or Aimo enabled devices to match your color scheme of choice. I go for the deep oranges and warm tones in weak attempts to offset the freezing weather here in MN. 

In my review of the Roccat Kain 120 mouse, I echo the thoughts from Roccat and believe the mouse truly is a masterpiece. In my excitement to try out its wireless cousin, everything in me wants to root for an equal experience. As mentioned above, the overall feel is similar albeit with a minor difference in movement due to weight. 

The biggest design issue with the mouse is the charging cable. The cable has grooves that allow for a tight fit with the mouse, but these grooves also hinder this cable from attaching to other devices I use. While not a deal-breaker, if I’m traveling, the last thing I want to bring is an extra cable for charging purposes if I do not have to. At this time, Roccat needs to ensure a more modern USB-C compatible device. 


The Kain 200 performs as expected for gaming, but again my performance – particularly with FPS games – wasn’t quite on par with that of other wired mice I’ve used. Keep in mind, the “clickiness” with the patented “Titan” buttons feel great. I wouldn’t change a thing about them. It is the movement of the mouse itself that feels slower to me. 

DPI settings are adjustable and the DPI button is customizable through the use of Roccat’s Swarm software. Here you can sync your device with other Aimo compatible devices and use beautiful RGB color combinations to enhance appearance. 

Battery life is on par with what I would expect from a high-performance wireless mouse, you can expect it to last roughly 50 hours without needing a charge. The mouse is designed to go into sleep mode to conserve life when not in use. However, I wouldn’t take a wireless mouse with me on a business trip just in case of a charging issue (if you do make sure to bring the cable).


This mouse will be my personal go-to for RPGs and strategy games.  If you are looking for the perfect high-end mouse that helps you destroy the competition in fast-paced competitive gaming situations, only consider this mouse if wires are an absolute no for you. If you are looking for a fantastic wireless mouse that still allows you to have fun competing but doesn’t necessarily feel like it will give you the millisecond edge you need, the Roccat Kain 200 Aimo checks all the right boxes. Happy gaming!