The Logitech Slim Folio Pro redefines typing on a tablet

Credit: Logitech

Credit: Logitech

Since the release of iPadOS in September of 2019, iPads have become a primary device for students and professionals alike. The newest software update provided the popular product with a much-needed workflow upgrade and expansion to its compatibility with other devices. This included desktop-class browsing, improvements to file management and multitasking, home screen widgets, and even mouse compatibility. However, as purchased, the iPad is missing an attachment that is essential to reach its full potential: A keyboard.

The $120 (for 11-inch iPad Pro) or $130 (for 12.9-inch iPad Pro) Logitech Slim Folio Pro provides a quality keyboard case for a reasonable price. The soft silicone material provides protection for the front, back, and corners of the iPad (unlike the $179 or $199 Apple Smart Keyboard Folio which leaves the corners of the iPad exposed) while securely holding it in place. When using the case, you have three setup options including type mode, sketch mode, and view mode. These different modes ensure an enjoyable experience no matter what type of work you are doing.

It is very clear that this case was designed specifically for the iPad Pro. Every port and button is accounted for and easy to use while maintaining a clean and symmetrical design. For the Apple Pencil Generation 2, there is a perfect space allowing it to charge while still being accessible. Within the magnetic flap used to keep the case closed, there is a slot designed for the Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon. If you are paranoid about losing your stylus, as I am, this slot will securely hold it and give you peace of mind.

The keys on the Slim Folio Pro have a unique bounce to them that makes the typing experience quite enjoyable. Logitech has found a great balance between keys that feel too soft or too stiff. The keys are backlit with adjustable brightness levels as well. I found this feature to be very useful when working in a darker environment. The top row of keys features iOS shortcut keys including key brightness controls, media and volume controls, and a few other useful shortcuts.

When in type mode, the Slim Folio uses a strong magnetic strip to securely dock the iPad making the lap typing experience practical and enjoyable. After you complete the initial Bluetooth connection, the keyboard will instantly wake and be ready to use every time the iPad is docked. The Logitech Slim Folio Pro does not have multiple viewing angles. For me, the 58-degree fixed viewing angle has never been a problem, but this is something to consider when purchasing.

Logitech’s case does not take advantage of Apple’s Smart Connector, which would allow the case to be charging at all times. To make up for this, Logitech has rated the battery to last for three months assuming two hours of daily use. I have been using this case for seven months and have charged it four times. However, I find myself averaging more than two hours per day and I tend to charge it before it is entirely dead.

If typing consumes the majority of your iPad workflow, the Logitech Slim Folio Pro would be a great companion for your device. 

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