The modern wallet for card carriers

I dress with the trends. I wear skinny jeans, denim jackets, cool shoes, and brown boots. Regardless of the hottest clothing trends of today, wallets are essential to our daily lives. Personally, I prefer to carry a slim wallet, something that fits well in my pocket.  Historically, wallets have been big and bulky — not something I was interested in. 

I have no interest in joining a friend of mine named “Jo” who is partial to huge wallets. He sits on a wallet that is nearly two inches thick, filled with useless receipts and gift cards. He even carries little round discs made of different metal materials he calls  “coins” — supposedly like cash but a bit worthless these days.

In today’s world, cash is no longer king. Credit cards, debit cards, rewards cards, and gift cards fill the average 2020 wallet. I’m left wondering why the common design for wallets has stayed the same when the need and use has changed drastically. Ekster saw the need for a newly designed wallet and stepped up to the challenge with the Parliament Wallet.

I currently carry four cards in my wallet — though it can hold up to nine. In a world where I tap to pay first and use a card second, I still like to have a backup $20 bill just in case. 

This wallet, though designed primarily for cards, allows me to store some cash in a multipurpose strap just inside the leather flap. Plus, due to the lack of coin storage, it encourages me to toss into the tip jar.

After using this wallet every day for the past few weeks, I’ve found that it works great with my carrying style. The quick card access trigger makes not only viewing, but choosing my desired card incredibly smooth. The cards self-layer themselves with the pull of the trigger; the card in the back sticks out just a bit further than the card in front of it, and so on. 

I tried this wallet with six cards and with two cards and the functionality stayed the same. This is great news for those of you whose needs are more minimalist than mine.

At $79 this wallet is quite a bit more expensive than one you would pick up in the checkout aisle at Kohls. However, what you are getting is an intentionally-designed card wallet made for the 21st century. Ekster has an add on tracker card for $29 if you are worried about losing your wallet. I never have to worry about losing my cards because I can track my wallet anywhere in the world using Chipolo Technology.

So I urge you to ask yourself, are you tired of the dated billfold? Are you tired of sitting on a wallet that is so thick it hurts your back? Are you tired of wishing your wallet was working for you and your needs today and not your needs 20 years ago? Well then look no further, because the Ekster Parliament may just be the wallet you have been looking for.