Satechi makes powering up at home quick and easy

I wanted something that would charge all my devices without a problem. The Satechi Desktop Charger was the perfect solution to my conundrum.

I’m jealous of people who can be productive sitting on the couch at home. My wife is one of those people. She is often at her most productive with the TV on and our son and I playing in the background. It blows my mind. I’ve always needed a place to work — a physical workspace I can set up and go to —even if it’s the kitchen table.

I’m blessed enough to have a desk at work, all set up the way I like it. However, when COVID-19 struck and we all began working from home, I lost that workspace. My “at home office” became a play area for my one-year-old son and my desk became a collecting ground for the miscellaneous items around our home. 

When I realized I would be working from home for the foreseeable future, I got to work. I found an extra monitor I had stashed away, an old riser, a USB-C hub (see my upcoming review!), an extra Apple Magic Keyboard, and my extra Apple Magic Mouse

When it came to looking for a power solution, I didn’t want to resort to a basic power strip. I wanted something that would charge all my devices without a problem. The Satechi Desktop Charger was the perfect solution to my conundrum.

With two USB-C ports and two USB-A Ports, I am now able to charge all the devices on my desk with ease. The 90W USB-C PD port charges my MacBook Pro at lightning speeds — compared to the stock 61W charger which charges it slower. The 18W USB-C port allows for standard charging speeds for my iPad Pro (or I can charge it at the 90W and fully charge in a fraction of the standard time). 

For the two 12W USB-A ports, I currently have one with a lightning cable and one with a micro USB cable. The lightning is for my iPhone, mouse, or keyboard, while the micro USB charges my Anker headphones (again, see upcoming review).

I’ve had multi USB hubs before — in fact, I’ve had many. I’ve tried a full gambit of cheap ones, expensive ones, highly rated ones, etc. 

None have caught my attention quite like the Satechi Desktop Charger. This device impressed me so much that I now feel the need to replace my previous multi USB hub. It’s in my living room charging miscellaneous electronics at what now feels like a disappointingly slow rate.

This device is capable of powering all my temporary home workspace gadgets so well, that I may just leave it set up after this crazy quarantine is lifted. 

At just under $80, and around 15 ounces, the Satechi Desktop Charger has been the answer to my home office power needs.