The new Steelseries Nova Pro Wireless is the best gaming headset on the market

If you’re like me, you usually Google search for the best product in a specific category. What is the best mouse? What is the best gaming monitor? What is the best mobile gaming controller? What is the best gaming headset? In my opinion, after using the previous Steelseries Arctis Pro headset for over three years, the new Steelseries Nova Pro Wireless is the best gaming headset on the market. It doesn’t matter if you’re a PC gamer, Playstation, Xbox, or on the Switch. The Nova Pros Wireless are on top.

First impressions

The redesign on the Nova Pros Wireless from the Arctis Pros is a nice refresh. I quickly noticed that the headband was updated. The original Arctis Pros had a velcro style to adjust for size and comfort. The new Nova’s switched it up and have one band that is adjustable like a snapback hat. I prefer the latter; the velcro eventually wore down for me. The outside of the earcups has a new design with a brushed aluminum look. The ear cushions are soft with a leather-like material. As someone who uses glasses, I can say they are comfortable with or without glasses. I will say one drawback is the previous pros allowed for custom earpads. I previously had a nice cool-to-the-touch memory foam that I do miss. The microphone is now flush when retracted; a nice change I appreciate. All in all, I’m satisfied with the look and feel of the Nova Pros Wireless. So how do they actually sound?

Sound / Mic

The Nova Pros Wireless boasts 40mm premium high-fidelity drivers. The sound quality that the Nova Pros Wireless produce is at an exceptional level. The sound profile allowed me to pinpoint sounds very quickly. To hear all the footsteps no matter what game you’re playing, the Nova Pros Wireless have 360-degree spatial audio. If surround sound is your main focus for gaming headsets, you will love the Nova Pros Wireless.

The sound profile from these headphones is excellent for gaming and all forms of media. I was shocked at how the music sounded. The crisp highs and kicking lows have a nice blend. I love using these headphones for everything.

The microphone is probably the most disappointing aspect of the Nova Pros Wireless. I think the sound is passable but could be a lot better. Most of my friends through discord said it sounded fine. Don’t expect to sound like anyone using a condenser microphone. The software allows the microphone to be EQ’d. I highly recommend doing this to get the most out of the microphone.


The wireless base station allows for two features I would like to highlight. My favorite is the hot swap of two batteries. Nothing is more irritating than having to charge your headset while playing. Steelseries introduced this with their last pro model and thankfully brought it back to the Nova Pros Wireless. There is a slot in the base to charge the second battery while you use the first. It takes no time at all to swap. The headset will automatically turn back on after the new battery is locked in. With dual USB ports, you can flip from PC to console quickly and easily. If you have a PC and a PS5 the Multi-System is perfect.

The Nova Pros Wireless also allows for simultaneous 2.4GHz and Bluetooth signals. My favorite use of this is playing PS5 while using Discord on my phone to talk to my friends. It was so annoying using in-game chat when the quality was terrible. Now I use Discord whenever I want no matter what I’m playing.

I have a newborn and life has changed quite a bit. All I want to do is game in peace when my wife is comforting our crying son. Thankfully the Nova Pros Wireless comes with a noise cancellation mode. It does an excellent job of taking out the sounds that bother you while you’re listening for footsteps. If you’re the only parent in the house there is also a transparency mode so you can hear what is important to you.


I’ve used a bunch of software for different headsets from companies like Logitech, Glorious, Razer, etc. Steelseries Sonar is by far the best one. To take the Nova Pro Wireless to its max potential you will want to use this software. You can tune the mic to fit your voice with an easy-to-use equalizer with convenient live mic testing. There are also multiple presets if you’re someone who doesn’t know which direction to go. The same can be said for making sure your sound fits what you’re using the headset for. Do you want more focus on footsteps in FPS games or more bass while you listen to music? Regardless there are a plethora of preset options to choose from. If you know what you’re doing you can also tune it to your liking. The software is pretty extensive. You can even edit the spacial audio. There are also early access features such as the clearcast AI noise cancellation; which works great.

Final Thoughts

This headset has everything I look for out of the box. The hardware, the software, and the features are great. It’s among the more expensive headsets coming in at $349.99. I do believe the price point is worth it for all the features and quality that come with the Nova Pro Wireless. Beware if you are purchasing this headset there are different versions. If you are planning on playing these on Xbox make sure you get the Xbox version. There is also a PC version as well as a Playstation 5/PC version. For anyone who is wanting the best gaming headset, look no further. The Steelseries Nova Pro Wireless is the best gaming headset on the market.

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