Upgrade your PS5 now

Imagine this, you have a PS5 and you want to play a new game from Playstation Plus’ new extra plan. You go to download Returnal, but you get the “not enough storage available” message. If you have Call of Duty Warzone downloaded the odds of you being able to have more than four games downloaded are slim to none. All of these new games require memory — and lots of it.

Why should I care?

It is no secret that the PS5 runs out of storage quickly. You only have 667 GB of storage to work with — that is until you upgrade your PS5 with internal M.2 SSD storage. For that, you want the Samsung 980 Pro. Playstation has thought ahead and has a built-in M.2 SSD slot that’s fairly easy to access to help boost your memory needs without sacrificing speed.

Speed is the cornerstone for Playstation 5. Fast loading times are why you want to upgrade to the PS5. Standard (disc) hard drives can’t compete with the internal SSD speed. However, Samsung’s SSD 980 Pro can keep up — and does so with flying colors. One thing worth noting is that Playstation states that units without heatsink could cause problems.

Stylistically, like always, Samsung has created a good-looking, quality SSD. They continue to set the bar when it comes to speed and reliability.

I have had a PS5 since launch. Thanks to my time spent on the machine, I have a pretty good feel for the loading times off of the internal SSD. Comparatively, I did not sense any differences using the 980 Pro. With reading speeds up to 7,000 MBs, I had no issues loading and playing games. The two games I put the most hours into playing on the 980 Pro were Ghost of Tsushima (directors cut) and Returnal. Both games boost a 4k resolution with 60 fps. Simply put: Their performance was spectacular.


Installation is a simple task. To begin, you need to take off one faceplate. Under that, all you need is to remove one screw to access the M.2 SSD slot. There is nothing that you have to build or put together with this unit. Pop it right in, tighten it down with one screw, put the cover back on, and you are done — as simple as that.

There are plenty of vlogs and YouTube videos if you find yourself nervous at all.

In my humble opinion, I believe the average individual could figure out how to install this SSD.

In addition to PS5 users, this is a great option for any PC gamers that have an NVME M.2 slot. The 980 with heatsink (the model recommended for the PS5) comes in two options 1 TB and 2 TB. Ranging from $229 and $399 retail. While thats not too outlandish for this caliber drive, they also find themselves on sale quite frequently.


If you want to play all the games without checking your storage all the time, I highly recommend the Samsung SSD 980 Pro.

Upgrade your storage with an SSD that has zero overheating, and fantastic performance, taking your PS5 to the next level.