The party never stops with the Frigidaire Gallery Ice Maker

In the heat of summer, there is nothing more refreshing than an ice-cold beverage. Nothing beats the audible click of a can opening, bubbles rushing to the surface as if desperately trying to reach out to your taste buds. However, nothing is worse than taking a sip of something that’s been sitting out in the heat only to discover it is now warm. Frigidaire has some crazy good Icemakers for sale to prevent such a terrible party foul from happening. They were also “cool” enough to send me the Gallery EFIC-255 prior to the 4th of July, and it was a pure party pleaser.

“This ice maker is awesome!” I must have heard that line about a dozen times over the past few weeks as our family 4th of July festivities ran amok. I believe I counted 50+ at one point during the weekend. Just another year at the Kuphal cabin, I guess. It’s a great quote to help start an article with, but I suppose the best part about it is? It’s true.

The ice maker stands at 20.25 inches and fits perfectly above the mini fridge located in our cabin. This is essentially a beverage closet anyways, and it is perfect for refilling a Yeti or my favorite travel mug with ice for the day. If you have a lot of counter space it will fit there, but I don’t have enough to make it worth the real-estate it takes up. Color options are out there to match a variety of counters. I use the black and gray tones, however, Frigidaire offers the machine in navy and cream too.

The best way to define the type of ice the Gallery EFIC-255 creates is “perfectly chewable”. It’s the best kind of ice. You can crunch on it if you want, but it isn’t so small that I feel like someone could choke with too big of a gulp. I don’t love giant chunks of ice in my drinks. If you do, this icemaker may not be for you. The speed at which this device kicks out ice is what makes it so effective for large groups.

Gone are the days of running to the local gas station to pick up 10+ pounds of ice for your get together. All I need to do with Frigidaire’s ice maker is fill it up, plug it in, and it goes to work. Literally 10 minutes later, I’ve got ice. It is a sight to behold. I’m not sure how they do it. The EFIC-255 is able to put out up to 44lbs per day. That’s a lot of ice, especially considering the size of the chunks.

This means I don’t have to refill all of my ice trays – ever. I don’t have to worry about having enough ice – ever. As I mentioned above, people were using ice throughout the day. Lots of people. We never had any issue of running out or waiting for more to be made. I’m really not sure why I didn’t get something like this a lot sooner. We’ve had a cabin in the family for 60+ years and we are just figuring this out now? Sincerely, don’t be like me and wait on something like this. Even if you don’t find a Frigidaire, I highly recommend some type of icemaker beyond what your typical freezer can put out.

Additionally, cleanup is a breeze. I just hit the clean button – it self-cleans. Then I just empty the tank – wipe it down and unplug it when I leave. Nothing too crazy at all. This is definitely a surprising addition to one of my top gadgets that I didn’t know I would love as much as I do.

I can’t speak to other brands as I just haven’t had a chance to test any others. For now, I am going to specifically recommend the Gallery EFIC-255. It made such a difference for our friends and family for boat rides, late night campfires, and all-day thirst quenching.