Stunning clothing by Carly Jean Los Angeles

Let’s Have Some Real Talk

In general, I am a huge fan of thrifting. This girl right here loves a good cost effective deal. I relish the glory of the hunt, the search, and the scrounge for a steal. I love discovering the find you can’t believe others passed up.

But, if you have done any thrifting what-so-ever you know it can feel like a game of cat and mouse. The glorious one in a million find is illusive and seemingly always around the next bend. Or you find the cutest dress ever, but you discover a small tear, it’s the wrong size, or its previous owner put in a little too much stretch in it. Well, when the thrifting going gets rough I found an alternative way to get clothes I thoroughly enjoy! I love all my clothes by Carly Jean Los Angeles because they have stylish and timeless pieces! Pieces I believe you are going to love too. 

What I have Tried and Why I Love it

The pieces from Carly Jean I have tried are the Hunter Jean Jacket, the Slim Fit denim jeans, CJ’s Favorite Spaghetti Strap Tank, and CJ’s Favorite Ribbed Spaghetti Dress. And my oh my, do I love these incredible clothes! 

Hunter Jean Jacket

Let’s start with the denim Hunter Jean Jacket. I love this jacket because it is one of those items of clothing you know will last for decades to come. This is an oversized, soft to the touch, vintage wash jacket that is wonderful for layering! The Hunter Jean Jacket comes with functional pockets and buttons that simply add to the perfect fit. I will shamelessly declare I have worn this jacket several times a week since I got it!

Denim Jean Line

Next, let’s chat about the Carly Jean Los Angeles denim jean line. I cannot rave enough about the pair of jeans I got from Carly Jean Los Angeles, which are the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn! I can confidently say I have been ruined on all other jeans! The pair I own are the Slim Fit high rise and they fit my body shape so well. The signature stretch fabric is so soft and comfy I often forget I am wearing jeans and not leggings. And the Carly Jean Los Angeles jeans are actually true to size!

Spaghetti Strap Tank and Dress

As for CJ’s Favorite Spaghetti Strap Tank and CJ’s Favorite Ribbed Spaghetti Dress, I could not say enough good things about these items either. The tank top and dress are flattering for just about any gal. These pieces are designed to be comfortable and look beautiful on you no matter the season of life you are in.

Now, if you started to zone out at this point I need you to dial back in for one second. Drum roll please! I am happy to announce that CJ’s Favorite Ribbed Spaghetti Dress has real pockets! Yes ladies, real pockets. Not the fake ones, not even a dainty hand couldn’t fit into, but the real deal. Woah.  

The Founder

Furthermore, the founder of Carly Jean Los Angeles is Carly Jean Brannon. She is a wife and a mother of four beautiful children. This company was born out of endless discouraging hours hunting for items that would make her feel beautiful and confident in her own skin in the midst of a busy life. So, she started her own clothing company in 2015 off her kitchen table to do just what she was looking for at the mall. Her and her husband spent countless hours packaging boxes until this little company gradually grew, taking on a team to fulfill her mission.

Carly Jean Brannon longs to bring to you beautiful, quality, and timeless pieces. These pieces of clothing have a wonderful fit you won’t forget. Prepare to feel confident, beautiful, and be stunning no matter what with Carly Jean Los Angeles.

So, why Carly Jean Los Angeles?

At this point, you still might be thinking to yourself “So, why Carly Jean Los Angeles?” If I haven’t sold you on this fabulous company yet maybe I still have a chance. This company sells clothes that you will not find on the cheapest end of the market. Wanna know why? Because they have a mission unlike most companies out there.

Carly Jean Los Angeles will ship quality, stylish, and timeless pieces of clothing to your front door that will last. Carly Jean is founded on the desire that “Everything in our shop is meant to be lived in over and over again, season after season in any stage or season of life! It’s for every girl, any age, any size, any skin color!” So, no matter the season of life this company wants to create clothes that will work great for you!

Lastly, if you didn’t know, “Carly Jean Los Angeles is a capsule clothing and lifestyle brand that exists to help women simplify their closets and feel beautiful in every season of life.” This means Carly Jean creates interchangeable pieces that are designed to seamlessly blend together. This means a few items from Carly Jean Los Angeles will go a long way. 

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