The Remington PR 1385C lets you slack and shave when you feel like it

A man getting ready to shave.

There are times when shaving is really painful. If you let your beard grow for a week, the Gillette razor will pull every hair. It’s a nightmare for sensitive skin. There are also times when razor refills are a luxury to buy (4-pack costs $20). It truly hurts your wallet when you need to switch razor blades every month. If you don’t switch, welcome back to the hair-pulling club. 

My change from Gillette happened when I came across the Remington PR1385C. I am sure that a lot of men are not happy about having to shave every single day. This Remington lets you slack and shave when you feel like it. Now you choose when to shave, so you are in charge, not your hair.

It might come as a surprise, but this model will not irritate your skin. The clean shave comes from all three blades that adjust to your skin at any angle. It gently skips all pimples allowing only the hair to cut. Even Gilette’s SkinGuard cartridges don’t protect your skin from the blades this much.  

Unlike many others, this electric shaver gives you the freedom to shave in the shower, giving you a new sense of skin comfort. It is waterproof. But if you need a mirror, it will do just fine with gel, and even without it. It does work on dry skin which is a very rare feature with manual shavers. 

Luckily for your beard, it also comes with an attachment, giving you some variety. In this case, you can choose either no hair at all or a clean stubble look. So now you can add a new style to your face’s wardrobe

Here is the important question for a lot of men: Which one is quicker – razor or shaver? This shaver, in particular, makes you go over your hair several times. Otherwise, you will have some spots left and look like you had a rough morning. With a traditional razor, usually once is more than enough to shave but that can come at the expense of comfort. I averaged three-to-five minutes longer per shave, but my skin deserves it.

The Remington PR1385C razor.
Credit: Remington

This model also comes with a pop-up trimmer that’s attached to the body. It can trim your neck and sideburns without going to the barber. That’s another extra saving in addition to buying new cartridges. On the official website, you will pay $70, while here is the link to Walmart that will cut your bill another $20.

After a full 90-minute recharge, the shaver lasts for 60 minutes. This is not exactly a quick charge, and the Phillips competitor does it within 60 minutes. However, the competitor lacks the turbo mode which is very convenient when you decide to shave your one-month grown beard. When you have thick hair, you won’t be sorry to have that turbo mode. 

Humans have been tool-builders since we invented the wheel. Then, once a tool is built, we tinker and improve things by nature. This time we advanced in facial care to avoid the pain that you used to have with disposable razors. It’s simple: No cuts, no irritation, and no money wasted.