Looking for an out of this world face mask? Loonar face masks deliver.

A white Loonar face mask on a marble countertop.
Credit: Loonar Clothing

The face mask. Not so long ago, I saw face masks as a thing worn only by doctors. I would have never thought I’d be wearing one 8+ hours a day. I definitely wouldn’t have thought I’d be saying, “Aw! I forgot my mask!” At least once a day. 

If you’re like me, you don’t like masks. I get it. They are uncomfortable, suffocating, hot, annoying, and most of all ugly. However, Loonar has one of the most stylish and comfortable masks I have ever worn.

Ever since mask-wearing became a thing, I have preferred the disposable ones. I liked their lightweight fabric vs. cloth ones and I liked the feel. I didn’t really care that it was ugly as long as it was comfortable. 

Loonar offers a mask that does both. It is a three-layer, FDA certified mask while being fashionable and comfortable. Some masks are extremely long on the face and loose-fitting in general, especially around my nose… they keep slipping down. Not this mask. It never falls off my face, and it feels tight and secure throughout the day. 

It feels as though it was meant to fit on my face. When I talk, it never falls off or becomes uncomfortable. I never find myself readjusting this mask as I do countless others. 

Also, I’ve never had a problem with it getting too hot or too uncomfortable. The straps on the mask are cotton and don’t feel as though they are trying to rip my ears off (some masks have a thin string that is way too tight and cuts into my ears). 

This mask is the most comfortable mask I have ever worn, nothing comes close. I found myself matching my shoes to my mask each day while wearing Loonar’s mask. This is something I would have never assumed I would be doing in my lifetime. 

I had my doubts at first when I saw it was a three-layer mask, but don’t let that fool you. As I mentioned, it is comfortable, breathable and it will have you matching your outfit to your mask in no time. It blew my mind the first time I wore it into public and it’ll blow your mind too. No other mask will be as comfortable and stylish as the Loonar mask.