Tentera has made coffee quicker than the drive-through

Coffee is an interesting part of today’s society. We have so many types of coffee everywhere. In my small town of about 12,000 people, we have six different coffee shops all within a five-minute drive of each other!

Although I have an abundant supply of coffee shops, I would rather not spend over five dollars for a daily cup of coffee. Plus, it takes more effort than I would care to admit just to drag myself to my car and drive to the nearest Starbucks. And those fancy coffees aren’t everywhere. For example, if I went camping I’m not about to scour the area for a coffee shop.

Luckily for me, Tentera has the perfect option for someone who wants quick, easy, and portable coffee. No coffee maker is needed! Tentera’s pour-over coffee bags are a delicious and energizing way to get your caffeine fix in a more affordable and easier way.

How the coffee bags work

The Tentera pour-over coffee bags are super simple to use. When I was figuring it out, I found the instructions very straightforward and easy to follow. The bag is equipped with two “arms” that hold it in place over the mug. Simply fasten it over the mug, heat up some water and pour that hot water into the bag of coffee and let it filter through into the mug. Once it’s finished, just squeeze out the bag for that last drop of flavor and then my coffee is complete. 

These coffee bags are the perfect item to bring along on a camping trip. They make it super simple. There is no creamer or sweetener needed for these coffees (although, as someone with a sweet tooth, I admit I did eventually add some sweetener to mine).


I got the variety pack, which contained three flavors. First, I tried the Sumatra Gayo, which is a medium-dark roast coffee with dark chocolate and herbs. I found this rich and delicious, especially when it was cold (to make it cold, I used hot water to pour over the bag and then let it cool down by putting it in the refrigerator). This was definitely my favorite flavor. Yes, I am a huge fan of chocolate (especially dark) so that swayed me a lot to favor the Sumatra Gayo.

The other two flavors were not my ideal coffee. The Sumatra Rasuna– a medium roast, flavored with tropical fruit– was very bitter for my taste. The Bali was a medium-dark roast with citrus and herb hints. It was also quite bitter and I could really taste the herbs. I’m sure that sweetener of some sort would help, and perhaps I could’ve diluted it more. I suppose certain people like different things, so I’m sure someone would beg to differ with my distaste for these flavors.

Serving size

That leads me to one part of the Tentera pour-over coffee bags that I found confusing. They were recommended for six-ounce serving sizes. If you are not familiar with what six ounces looks like, when I pour that amount into any one of my normal-sized mugs, it probably fills it about one-fourth of the way. That’s not a lot. 

I tried the six-ounce recommendations at first, but I actually broke the rules a bit and filled my entire mug. This provided more coffee, and it also helped the flavor in my opinion. I enjoyed it more diluted, and the herbal flavors reminded me of a mix between coffee and tea. I found it quite nice.

How Tentera gives back

A huge bonus of Tentera’s coffee is that when I purchase it, I feel good about how I am giving back to the world. Tentera donates 1% of their total sales to nonprofits that focus on ensuring a healthy planet for generations to come. They focus especially on rainforests and wildlife. As an animal enthusiast, I appreciate keeping the planet’s wildlife well taken care of, so Tentera’s support of that cause is ideal for me.

All in all, this coffee is the perfect tool for camping or a super quick cup of coffee in the morning. As I got more creative with the way I made it, I started to mold the flavor (despite the recommendation to keep it black) into my perfect cup of coffee.