The Steelseries QcK Prism 3XL Cloth Mouse Pad protects my desk and improves my game

In the gaming world, we all know every millisecond counts, every precise movement matters, and every component of your setup can either elevate or hinder your performance. So when I need a mousepad, I need one that doesn’t bring me down. The SteelSeries QcK Prism 3XL Cloth Mousepad could be seen as an afterthought in gaming – but it shouldn’t be. It’s a colossal gaming accessory that not only enhances my gaming experience but also provides a shield of protection for my desk surface. As a gamer who puts high value on precision and durability, I find the QcK Prism 3XL to be a game-changer in more ways than one.

Sizable Options

First, let’s talk about size. The QcK Prism 3XL is not your average mousepad—it’s a behemoth, offering an expansive surface area measuring at a staggering 1220mm x 590mm. If your desk is bigger than this, they even offer a 4XL and a 5XL. Regardless, this vast expanse ensures that whether I’m engaged in high-octane first-person shooters or meticulously strategizing in real-time strategy games, I never run out of room to maneuver. Thankfully, the days of constantly readjusting my mousepad or worrying about my mouse slipping off the edge during short or lengthy sessions are gone. With the QcK Prism 3XL, I have room to spare, allowing for fluid, uninterrupted gameplay – about time.

However, the size isn’t the only aspect that sets the QcK Prism 3XL apart. Its surface is crafted from high-quality cloth material. I prefer cloth to the hard surface mouse pads. This one rovides the perfect balance of speed and control. The smooth texture allows for effortless gliding of your mouse. Additionally, it enables lightning-fast reflexes and helps improve my accuracy when I choose to use the mouse as opposed to a controller.


One thing I didn’t realize I would be drawn to beyond its gaming prowess, is the fact the QcK Prism 3XL also serves as a guardian for my desk. The underside is coated with a non-slip rubber base, so it stays firmly in place even during frantic gaming sessions. My previous desk had unsightly scratches and dents on due to repeated mouse movements. With the QcK Prism 3XL acting as a buffer between my peripherals and your desk surface, I can rest easy knowing my gaming setup remains pristine and protected. My only complaint is that it tends to collect hair and debris quite easily, so I don’t recommend eating many snacks while using the mouse pad.

One of the standout features of the QcK Prism 3XL is its customizable RGB lighting. With RGB zones that can be synchronized with other Steelseries Prism-enabled devices, the QcK Prism 3XL adds a touch of flair to the gaming setup. Whether you prefer a subtle ambient glow or a pulsating rainbow effect, the customizable lighting options allow you to personalize your setup to match your style and preferences.


The Steelseries QcK Prism 3XL Cloth Mousepad is more than just a mousepad—it’s a subtle game-changer. With its expansive size, premium cloth surface, desk-protecting capabilities, and customizable RGB lighting, it can truly elevate your gaming experience to new heights while safeguarding your desk from wear and tear. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a competitive esports enthusiast, the QcK Prism 3XL is a worthy and frankly fun investment that will enhance your gameplay and elevate your gaming setup to the next level.