This affordable headset gave me 45 hours of productivity

JLab's GoWork Wireless laying on a desk ready for a full day's worth of affordable audio.
Credit: JLab

If you’re unfamiliar with JLab’s accomplishments, they’re no stranger to the affordable audio industry. From gaming and podcast microphones to gaming headsets, True wireless, and even open-air speakers that attach to your sunglasses. All for under $50USD!

Let’s face it, charging devices has become part of our day-to-day life now. Currently, just on my desktop, there are at least ten devices that require charging regularly. It’s a full-time job keeping everything charged from my Apple Watch to my AirPods, Ember Mug…you get the idea. 

Thankfully,  as battery technology improves, charging becomes less and less frequent, and that’s a good thing! Enter JLab’s GoWork Wireless on-ear headset with over 45 hours of work/playtime on a single charge!

JLab’s GoWork Wireless headset ($49USD) came bundled in its branded box along with a short, easy-to-follow manual, two cables (USB-C to 3.5mm headphone, and USB-C to USB-A Charging cable), more on this later.

There’s a lot to love about this simple, efficient headset. One of its best features is its Bluetooth Multipoint technology. For example, while working today, I paired it with my MacBook Pro and my iPhone 12 Max Pro simultaneously. When I got up to leave my computer, the headset automatically switched to my iPhone so that I wouldn’t miss calls and switched back again when I returned to my computer for a meeting.

Speaking of meetings, it’s no fun to be in the middle of a Zoom call and have to worry about background noise like a barking dog (I’m looking at you, Chief!) or dishes clattering in the kitchen while you’re speaking to colleagues. Jlab has got you covered here too. 

With C3 Clear Calling, JLab’s GoWork headset utilizes two microphones simultaneously. One picks up your voice, while the other listens to environmental noise and cancels it out, so your voice comes through loud and clear all the time! 

Another great feature I really appreciated on this headset is the quick-mute button on the right earpiece that you can tap to mute yourself quickly—no more fumbling for keyboard shortcuts or on-screen mute buttons. Just reach up and tap the large, quick-mute button, and the quick-mute indicator at the end of your microphone will glow a soft red to let you know you are muted! 

Not only can you easily mute yourself quickly, but you’ll always be able to tell if your microphone is live by quickly glancing at the end of your headset’s microphone. Also located on the underside of the right earpiece is the power button, which controls things like Bluetooth pairing, play/pause/answer/disconnect, Siri or “Ok Google” activation, and a cool “Hear yourself” mode that, when activated, allows you to hear your voice through your headset. 

The Volume plus and minus rocker buttons raise and lower volume, but when simultaneously pressed, will switch between two EQ modes designed to enhance either music or voice. I also appreciate the simple layout of these buttons, arranged strategically, so there is no confusion or accidental hang-ups.

Audio quality is clear, balanced, and perfect for meetings, zoom calls, online education, and/or generalized listening. Music sounded great, especially with the music EQ mode activated, and I found that the voice EQ really helped enhance spoken audio during meetings at work.

Let’s talk about battery life. No one wants to remember to plug in their headset every day so that they don’t miss a meeting in the morning. I completed an entire week’s worth of meetings and still had some gaming time left over for the weekend! Even if you do forget to charge up before Monday, JLab’s included USB-C to 3.5mm headphone cable allows you to plug in and stay productive in wired mode while at your desk. 

This is an absolute no-brainer. If you are in need of a great all-around headset that you can work with, game with, and relax with, JLab’s GoWork is hands down a best buy at $49USD. I would also highly recommend this for parents looking for an affordable headset for kids in online school. It’s also worth mentioning that JLab covers you with not only a 30-day satisfaction guarantee but also a limited two-year warranty. Now get it before it’s gone!