This new backpack from Hex will shock you with some of its features

A woman using her Technical Backpack from Hex to walk around the city.
Credit: Hex

There are some items in the world that a person can never have enough of. In my opinion, a good quality bag is one of those items. Whether it’s for emergency supplies, work, or simply going on a trip, bags, and backpacks are always needed.

Hex’s Technical Backpack is an outstanding backpack for those of us looking for guaranteed protection over our precious items. This backpack is built to keep everything safe, dry, and even goes the extra mile to repel fungus and bacteria. 

Certainly, the most intriguing piece of the Technical Backpack is that Hex claims that it is built in a way that makes this backpack antimicrobial. The product is made with fibers that have been treated with zinc pyrithione, which is said to reduce the ability for microbes to live on the backpack. Hex uses this technology to combat bacteria. But it also is able to repel mold, which is absolutely wonderful for a backpack in my opinion. 

I cannot tell you the number of times that somehow something spilled in my bag or backpack. Water bottles are notorious for leaking all over my things. And I have definitely spilled a couple lunches before. The moisture created by these accidents is the perfect environment for mold to grow, but this technology has saved me from the sorrow of losing my backpack to accidental spills.

On top of the antimicrobial technology, the fabric for the bag is water-resistant with an additional rain fly to ensure that any sensitive technology is safe in really wet environments. This bag is built for toughing out even the wildest of weather.

It is definitely very water resistant, but the Technical Backpack is full of other useful nooks and crannies. One of my favorite features of this unique backpack is its magnetic pockets. There are some key pockets that are magnetized shut, and I find it super convenient for items that you want to grab quickly without struggle. It also has the laptop pocket magnetized shut within the backpack for extra security. 

This backpack is amazing at its job. I honestly had a hard time filling it up since it has such strategic pocket placement. There is a spot for everything. I can slip my Macbook safely into the magnetized, padded laptop pocket while filling this backpack with books and perhaps a lunch. There are a couple of magnetized pockets on the front of the backpack that allow for super quick and easy access to items like pens, snacks, or even a notebook for some quick notes. There is a pocket on top of the bag that can hold a small phone or a passport easily. This backpack is filled with surprise pockets. 

I certainly appreciate Hex’s Technical Backpack and definitely can vouch for its special features and great quality. Its design is perfect for those of us who want our gear protected. It is able to carry so many items and provide a convenient experience at the same time. I have previously reviewed a Hex bag and I can certainly say that Hex does not disappoint.