This Cybertruck backpack may not have been made by Tesla, but Elon would definitely approve

I am a huge Tesla fan! Elon and his team are innovation geniuses. I am always drawn to companies who have a focus on innovation. Riz Nwosu has taken that same innovation and created the Cybertruck Backpack. Now the Cybertruck Backpack may not have been made by Tesla, but Elon would defiantly approve! Riz’s ultimate dream is to have the Cyberbackpack listed on Tesla’s website as official merch, while splitting the profits with Tesla’s Technoking Elon himself!

I have always been a backpack guy. I love the idea of packing up my gear and hitting the road. I always have my iPad Pro, MacBook Pro, and AirPod Max with me at all times, so a good backpack is essential for me. The Cybertruck looking hardshell is both protective and stylish. The shape of this backpack will definitely turn some heads. The hard shell also prevents your bag from sagging downwards (this way, it appears lighter by clinging closer to your body instead of weighing you down).

Because I carry all of my important (and expensive) items with me, I need to make sure my backpack is secure. The Cybertruck Backpack has a large interior that can be opened through a single zip (with a TSA-approved lock for security). The bag also opens an extra 5 centimeters which doesn’t sound like a lot, but it makes packing significantly easier.

Elon may not have created this backpack, but he definitely inspired it! This Cybertruck Backpack has an air-circulation pattern on its back which for a bigger guy like me is really nice! It features a strap to secure it to your luggage, and even sports a hidden pocket under the strap. Because I carry my devices with me, I find that I am needing a portable charger all the time. This backpack is fulfilling at least the illusion that just like the Cybertruck, this backpack has its own internal battery too that you can use to charge your devices.

The Cyberbackpack is up for grabs on its website for $239.99. There is an additional 3,000 mAh power bank for $34.99 that looks like a mini Cybertruck. For all of the comfort, style, and tech inside this backpack, it is defiantly worth it.

Tesla may not have created this backpack, but I can definitely see Elon sporting this bag around town!