Your toddler will sleep like a baby on this mattress

My son just switched from a crib to a toddler bed. At the same time, we began potty training and chose to re-organize his room. That’s a lot of change at once. While most people would think that we are crazy for tackling all of this at once, we decided to knock it all out at once. Especially as my son was excited on the heels of re-organizing and upgrading my daughters room with a new crib and a new nursery chair. So, we re-organized his room, moved his Toniebox to his bedside table and got to work on finding a quality mattress.

One thing that we absolutely were not worried about was the mattress we chose for his big kid bed. After a lot of looking, we chose to go with Delta Children’s Dream 6-Inch Memory Foam Twin Mattress.

Knowing that he will have this mattress for years to come, we wanted to choose something that would be durable, yet not uncomfortable, something he could grow into, while still working for him now, and something that was easy on the budget. We opted for the twin size as it gives him plenty of room to grow. Pairing this mattress with his bed frame and some roll guards (thank you random Amazon company), we were able to accomplish a bed large enough that even I could fit in (I’m 6’2”…. Okay 6’1”), but still felt like it was made for my 3 year old son.

A big part of that versatility really comes from the mattress features itself. There is a waterproof cover, 5-inches of memory foam, pressure point release and it is entirely non-toxic. Basically, a whole lot of wonderful features, all for under $300.

Unboxing this mattress could not have been an easier process. It came in one single box, showing up to my door after ordering online. We simply pulled the mattress out of the box it came in, rolled it out on our floor, and let it expand for a day and a half. While the official directions say to let it expand for 24-48 hours, we got excited and chose to put it on his bed after about 36 hours in the morning, and by evening we allowed our son to sleep on his mattress.

The bed frame we chose to put this mattress on has wooden slats that span perpendicular across the side boards of the frame. while these slats have about 3-4 inches between them, the mattress has no issue holding up or resisting sinking into the gaps. The foam seems to be strong enough and durable enough not to seep into those spaces.

The mattress is made out of fire retardant materials, is stain resistant, is free of chemicals and is all around marked safe for kids use. It even has an ASTM certification for safety, and a CERTIPUR-US certification.

As a fully grown adult who weighs about 180lbs, I can absolutely feel straight through the mattress to the previously mentioned wooden slats that hold this mattress up. However, shockingly enough, the only time I notice them is when I am standing on the bed with all of my weight on just my feet, or if I push down with my elbow while laying. If I am laying in bed with my son reading stories or playing, I honestly don’t even notice the mere 6-inches of depth. Thankfully, what this means is that assuming this mattress holds up as expected, my son can keep this same mattress for quite some time — heck there are even some college students or adults that are still sleeping on twin mattresses.

While $300 is not an outrageous number for a mattress, you can definitely find some children or toddler mattresses for cheaper. However, if you are in the market for such thing I will ask you this, would you rather spend a little less and get a lesser quality mattress you could have problems with at any time….. or would you like to spend a little bit more to get a mattress that feels like it is much higher value than it is.

If you are looking for a good toddler mattress to replace the one you have, are looking to move your toddler from crib to bed, or need some good mattresses for bunk beds, look no further than Delta Children’s line of mattresses, specifically the 6-inch memory foam twin mattress.

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