This is the best treadmill for the money

Working out is a pretty divided subject. There are those that absolutely love to work out, and those that loathe it. That’s an aggressive difference however I think it stands as true. Those who want to work out, workout, those who do not have those priorities do not.

Over the last several years I have found myself wanting to get more into working out. My wife and I got gym memberships, chose to get more active outside, and decided to take this whole fitness thing seriously. We’re starting that plan next month — or maybe the month after.

To try and help with our desire to be healthier, we decided to invest in a treadmill. Of course, we have seen the commercials of those who love their Peloton. We even have the friends that swear by it.

But. There was always a but for us when it came to Peloton. That’s a big investment, are we really bike people, are we sure, etc. Then we started looking at treadmills. Yes, Peloton has a treadmill, but are we that invested?

We ultimately decided we are not invested enough to splurge on a Peloton, so we chose to do some digging. In my research, I found Sole Fitness. In particular, I found myself drawn over and over to “the best treadmill in its price range”. This was something I repeatedly found in looking for quality treadmills. The Sole F80 Treadmill continued to catch my eye — so I finally picked one up.

I’ve been using this treadmill for a few months now and I have been thoroughly impressed. I mean it’s a treadmill, so there is still the part of me that says ugh I need to run, however that part subsided and I found myself thinking, “oh I can run real quick for sure”.


  • Cushion Flex Whisper Desk
    • Reducing impact up to 40% compared to asphalt
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 3.5 HP Motor
    • Up to 12 mph
  • 15 levels of incline
  • Foldable deck for storage
  • 6 preset programs
  • Built in Fan
  • Built in Speakers
  • Built in tablet holder
  • USB-A Charging
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • AUX port

Set up

I set aside an entire afternoon to unbox, set up, build, and prepare myself to use my new treadmill. I pumped myself up and after the third pep-talk I was ready. 30 minutes to an hour later I was done and ready to run. The hardest part was truly carrying the pure weight of the machine into my home and down a flight of stairs. In my scenario, this took two people — just as a heads up.

Once in place, installing a few pieces that didn’t come assembled in box was easy. The directions were clear — yes I actually read the directions for this one — and easy to understand.


This treadmill was honestly exactly what my wife and I needed to actually get started on our fitness journey. On the days we just are not feeling it, we can throw an iPad in the tablet stand and zone out while watching some show or movie and get our workout in.

The built in fan, while by no means high powered, moves the air around a little bit which can come in handy for cool down.

The low start speeds are great because even my son can jump on and get some energy out while a very nervous dad — me — stands behind him ready to catch him.

Having the speed and elevation buttons on the side handles as well as on the front middle is very helpful. I love being able to speed up while knowing I have a hold on something that can help me if I slip.

I also really like having the large built in screen to show me my metrics. One thing I wish was that I could move the track feature to the main part of the screen, and maybe others as well. Overall better control of that screen would be wonderful.

Overall, I absolutely can see why this is the highest rated treadmill in its class, and I whole heartedly agree.

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