How I got my son to stop asking for my phone to take pictures of literally everything he sees

I’ll admit it. I don’t love it when my son takes my phone even if it is to take a quick picture. I know it shouldn’t be a big deal, but to me I still just don’t love it. I don’t love getting “stuff” on my screen, I don’t want my phone to be dropped, I don’t want it to get sticky or left somewhere. I’m very particular about my things — technology in particular.

So, when I found The Kidamento Cameras for kids, I was ecstatic. My son loves to take pictures, almost as much as he loves looking back at them. I don’t want to squash that love, but at the same time…. I just cannot bring myself to letting him run around with my phone.

I decided it was worth it to grab both models of this camera. Seeing as how they were so cheap, I am really happy with my choice.

First up, we grabbed Zippy the Sloth for the Model K camera [$80]. This model features a 3” touch screen and a front facing camera. All of the settings for this camera are adjusted via the touchscreen, as well as switching between camera modes.

Second, we grabbed Mikayo the Bear for the Model C camera [$60]. This model is a bit more basic, however still can take a surprisingly good photo or video. These settings are adjusted via a physical button.

Both of these cameras come with a kid friendly silicone case to not only protect the camera, but make it a bit more fun to use. Both of these cameras have an option to pair with an app via WiFi to upload and share photos from the camera to your phone, or you can pull the memory card and view the photos and videos that way. Or, if you are like my son, viewing on the camera through the screen is always an option too.

While the camera quality is nowhere near the level of my iPhone 13 Pro Max, in the world of toy cameras, Kidamento is far and beyond what I have seen. These cameras are surprisingly good quality and have a pretty intuitive user interface.

When there is a picture we want to view outside of the integrated screen, it is easily accessed and moved to wherever we want it. And at the same time, I don’t have to worry about my son accidentally texting, calling, deleting, or anything else on my phone while trying to take a photo.

If you are looking for a way to get your kids to stop taking a trillions photos on your phone, or if you are like me and don’t want your kids to accidentally delete something, decline a call, answer a call, send a text, or email your boss, check out the Kidamento cameras!

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